A Jewish Xmas

My Xmas Day yesterday was a very fun-filled one. I spent the early party of the day on a hike with friends, then met up with a bunch of Jews for brunch … then I made my way into the Valley to spend some time with two pairs of friends and then I made my way to Santa Monica for a lovely Xmas dinner. Tamar and I planned on spending Xmas together so that she could share her Jewish Xmas with me … but instead of Chinese food and a movie, we amended the schedule a bit. It was way too much fun and I had an absolute blast. More »


Make The Yuletide Gay

Earlier this morning, I met up with my friends Tamar and her dad Richard for a fun Xmas morning hike on the westside. I’m not usually able to get out of the house in the morning because I work every day but since Xmas is a lighter day, I figured I’d make the time. We had a really great hike together enjoying the beautiful and perfect weather and, of course, one another’s company. The Levines graciously invited me to their home for Xmas dinner later tonight but in the meantime, I have some other friends to visit along the way. Yay, Xmas!! More »


Yule Shoot Your Eye Out

After a very lazy day and night at home on Monday, I decided that I needed to get out of house to do … something. I have been itching to see a movie for some time now but I’ve been waiting for the slew of new movies set to open on Xmas Day. At the last minute, like an hour before, I learned that the Arclight Theater in Hollywood was showing the 1983 movie A Christmas Story so I decided that was what I was gonna do. More »

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To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

I really wanted to be active yesterday … I mean, it really crossed my mind. But, in the end, my exhaustedness won out over my desire to be social and, well, I didn’t really do much of anything. It’s a refrain I’ve sung before … laziness won out over activity. I did my best to rest up for much of the day so that I could be rejuvenated enough to go out last night but all that resting only made me more tired. Couple that with a scratchy throat and a really comfy fleece blanket and soft couch and … I was doomed from the start. More »


Play All Day, Dance All Night

This week’s Sunday Funday was one for the ages. After I spent a full, fun day hanging out with my friends at Disneyland (as per usual when Sunday rolls around), I made my way to Echo Park to meet up with my friend Ashley to partake in the Part Time Punks danceparty where we danced the night away to the music of The Smiths and Morrissey. At Disney, I got to snap a photo with Santa Claus. At the Echoplex, I got to snap a photo with a Moz cutout. I’d say my day was pretty epic. More »

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Xmas Classics

Yesterday was a really great day in for me … despite a couple of really nice invitations to do something, I ended up opting out so that I could stay warm and cozy in my PJs in front of the TV. I was in the mood to watch one of my fave Xmas movies so I fired up the good ol’ Netflix and watched the 1992 movie Batman Returns. While it is largely considered a superhero movie only, I always loved that the action in the movie takes place during Xmas in Gotham City. From there, I just kept watching stuff on Netflix … including a Xmas classic that I’ve already watched this season — and a trilogy of movies about the antichrist so, yeah, my Saturday was rad. More »

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Eat, Drink, Be Merry Xmas

Tamar hosted a small get together at her new place last night which turned out to be a pretty rad party. I got to meet a lot of Tam’s friends from high school and got to see a slightly different side to her in the context of her longtime friends. Tam’s place was filled to the brim with happy people laughing and joking around, it was a really great space to be in. We ate a bunch of food, drank a bunch of booze and played some games … which included eating contests and, well, it was only the greatest party ever. More »


Ryan Adams Rocks The Wiltern, Night 2

Last night I made a return trip to The Wiltern Theater to see Ryan Adams perform the last show of his 2014 tour. Last night was the 4th show I saw in the past month and it was one of the best. From the start, I could tell the show was going to be a special one. Ryan was just so “on” that I was so glad I decided to see the show last night. Last night’s setlist included two of my fave Ryan Adams songs … including his brilliant cover of the Oasis song Wonderwall (a song he hasn’t performed live in some time). Ugh, so good. Click below to see some photos and watch video of Ryan‘s performance last night of LaCienega Just Smiled and Wonderwall. More »

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Ryan Adams Rocks The Wiltern, Night 1

So, last night I made my way to The Wiltern for what I thought was going to be my last concert of the year but it turns out that I actually attended the first to TWO Ryan Adams concerts … which follow recent Ryan Adams shows that I saw in Pomona, CA and Northridge, CA. I managed to get a pit ticket for last night’s show so I was very excited to be up close and personal with Mr. Adams. For the most part, the show was really great … but after the PA system blew, the show had to be cut short early and, well, I can’t go for that. I managed to procure another pair of pit tickets for tonight’s second show at The Wiltern, Ryan‘s last of the tour, for my friend Josh Rosebrook and I so … last night was merely a prelude to tonight :) More »

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Lobster Rollin’ With My Homie

Last night I met up with my friend Stacey for a dinner date that we planned last week and we decided to make our way to West Hollywood, CA to feast on a delicious seafood meal at Connie & Ted’s. Stacey is from Boston, MA so se knows good seafood and after I raved about Connie & Ted’s lobster rolls, she was game to give the place a try. OMG. Dinner was so good. We had a great time stuffing our faces together last night. Stacey and I have been hanging out a lot lately, which is great for me because she is only the best EVER :) More »