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The 2013 Oscar Nominations Are Out!


Aghhh! So excited! So pumped! Soooo getting a t-shirt that says 'F-ck Yeah Quvenzhané Wallis!' This morning Emma Stone and Seth MacFarlane announced the  nominations for the 2013 Academy Awards  and I'm quite pleased by what I'm seeing... although, I'm also HUGELY disappointed by one glaring snub. But still, it's gonna be a good show. Lincoln, ...

Watch: The Osama Bin Laden Movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ Debuts A Full Trailer


Just yesterday we heard news about a forthcoming 9/11 'truther' film, September Morn. I was immediately reminded of the teaser trailer we saw a while back for the new movie from Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker), titled  Zero Dark Thirty. As it turned out, the movie-- which chronicles the hunt for Osama bin Laden-- ...