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Taylors Swift & Lautner Reunite To Film Movie Scenes, Grab Fro-gurt


Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were spotted lookin' all cozy and stuff in a fancy Porsche yesterday afternoon/evening here in SoCal but it turns out that the couple were bizzy filming new scenes for the movie they are co-starring in together, Valentine's Day. Here are a few photos: As you may recall, we've previously seen ...

Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift Get Smoochy For ‘Valentine’s Day’


While Rachelle Lefevre was bizzy getting fired from her Twilight job for a supposed "scheduling conflict" caused by her commitment to do another movie which will, apparently, conflict with the filming schedule for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse next month, her Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner was bizzy on the SoCal set of his non-Twilight film Valentine's ...