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Watch: Mariah Carey Releases A Music Video For ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’


Yesterday we got our first listen of Mariah Carey's new single You're Mine (Eternal), the first from her forthcoming album The Art of Letting Go (due out May 6). Today we get to check out the just-released music video for the song. As you can see in the embed above, Mimi is hanging ...

‘This Bish Don’ Got Pregnant By MY Baby Daddy?!’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


Y'all. We are about to  enter the last full week of 2012, and that ish crayyyy! This week I have a couple of 2012 recap posts planned (fave songs, fave indie movies, etc.) and a helluva lot of writing to do, but I gotta give y'all the shouts-out you deserve. So much happened this week ...