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Party Like It’s 1995


After a fairly quiet New Year's Eve, I went ahead and enjoyed a fairly quiet New Year's Day. In year's past, NYD was usually spent recuperating on the couch from the night before's revelry ... this year, I was just being lazy. I spent the afternoon watching 3 of my all time favorite ...

Highs & Lows


Welp, I had a very interesting past 24 hours ... full of amazing highs and, unfortunately, a pretty shitty low. Thankfully, the highs outweigh the lows but still ... well, yeah, it's been interesting. Last night, Darion and I made our way to downtown LA for a double feature of Buffy the Vampire ...

Be ‘Witch’ed


Yesterday was my last day of bachelorhood for 2009 as David is due to arrive from his Florida Xmas vacay in about an hour but I did make the most of my solitude. Lots of reading, lots of movie watching. I got roped into watching Rosemary's Baby, Hackers and one of my fave ...