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Watch: Mariah Carey Performed Her New Single ‘Infinity’ At The Billboard Music Awards Then Previewed The Music Video For The Track


Mariah Carey was a featured performer during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards last night but before she performed a medley of her first single, Vision of Love (1990), and her new single, Infinity (2015), her Billboard Music Charts accomplishments over the years were celebrated ... reminding us all that MC is truly one of the ...

Watch: Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Perform ‘Pretty Girls’ At The Billboard Music Awards


Britney Spears and her latest collaborator Iggy Azalea took to the stage during the 2015 Billboard Music Awards live in Las Vegas, NV tonight to perform their new single Pretty Girls for the first time. As you can see in the embed below, the ladies took some cues from their totally outrageously '80s-themed music ...

Watch: Hologram Michael Jackson Performs ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ At The 2014 Billboard Music Awards


A lot of things went down on the 2014 Billboard Music Awards tonight but the only thing that people will really be talking about tomorrow ... and for days after ... was the stunning performance by Hologram Michael Jackson. You may recall that back in 2012, we first heard that a hologram version of ...