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Hulk Hogan Loses The Fight To Get His Sex Tape Offline


A little while back we saw an unforgettable video; it was amazing, inspiring, and a joy to experience. I'm talking about that clip of Flavor Flav running into Miley Cyrus and mistaking her for Gwen Stefani. Shortly thereafter we saw a... different kind of video that was equally unforgettable, though for other reasons. The Hulk ...

Gawker Responds To Hulk Hogan’s $100 Million Sex Tape Lawsuit Against Them


Okay, so remember a while back when Gawker posted a clip of the infamous Hulk Hogan sex tape? Yes... of course you do; it was unforgettable... and unforgivable. Well Hogan made good on his promises to sue the website and he wants $100,000,000 for 'severe and irreparable injury' as well as the name of the ...