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Watch: Levi Johnston And Sunny Oglesby Share Their Wedding With ‘Inside Edition’


Yesterday we learned that the very fertile Levi Johnston got himself married to his second babymama Sunny Oglesby in a small wedding in Alaska over the weekend. Today we get to see photos and VIDEO from the ceremony, which will be featured on today's episode of Inside Edition. Apparently, Levi and Sunny struck ...

Levi Johnston Shows Off Photos Of His Newborn Daughter Breeze Beretta


Yesterday we learned that ex-Playgirl model and former almost-Palin son-in-law Levi Johnston welcomed the birth of a baby girl with his unmarried babymama Sunny Oglesby. Today we get to see what the little doll looks like. As you may know, Levi and Sunny decided to name their daughter Breeze Beretta ... which, you ...