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Leaked Photos From The ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Set Prove That It’s Going To Be An Alien Spectacle


If you want absolutely nothing to be spoiled for you in terms of what Star Wars: Episode VIII looks like, then might I suggest that you turn away now. Here, you can watch the Star Wars Honest Trailer and laugh. But if you're okay with minor spoilers (mainly the kinds of characters we'll be seeing ...

Darth Vader’s Theme, AKA The Imperial March, Sounds Down Right Chipper When You Play It In A Major Key


"Darth Vader's Theme", also called "The Imperial March", is without a doubt one of the most important themes in all of film history. It's certainly one of the best known themes from the Star Wars movies that isn't the main titles, and it's definitely one of the darkest. Written in a minor key, the theme ...

‘Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Is Coming And It’s Got More Backstory For All The Characters


I sincerely hope the person at Lego who came up with the idea of partnering with movies and TV shows has gotten the raise of a lifetime, because it's one of the best things Lego has ever done. Especially with their Lego video games, particularly the Star Wars ones. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens ...