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Watch: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Presents The Manhattan Children’s Chorus Singing ‘Silent Night’


In the wake of the tragic elementary school shooting that left 20 children and 7 adults dead early Friday morning, Saturday Night Live chose to open its holiday episode last night with a live performance of the Xmas song Silent Night by The Manhattan Children’s Chorus. No jokes, no skits ... just a group ...

Watch: Mariah Carey Performs A Mini-Concert In Europe


Mariah Carey teamed up with European wireless provider Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile here in the US) to surprise the folks in Poland, Crotia and Macedonia with a short impromptu holiday music concert that was streamed LIVE across the Eastern European countries. In all, Mimi performed 4 songs including her smash holiday hit All I Want ...

Britney Spears & Ellen DeGeneres Sing ‘Silent Night’


We are still 5 days away from seeing the episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that features Ellen hanging out with Britney Spears ... but we continue to get new preview material for the ep. As you may recall, Ellen and Britney spent some time hanging out together to share some holiday fun last ...