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Kevin Clash’s Accuser Wants To Undo The Settlement In The Sexual Abuse Case


Something tells me this story is absolutely not going away any time soon. Just when it seems like we have some answers, or some understanding as to what transpired between Kevin Clash (the voice of Sesame Street's Elmo) and Sheldon Stephens, there's a new development in the story. Last week we learned that Stephens was ...

Kevin Clash Reportedly Paid His Accuser $125,000 To Recant His Sexual Abuse Accusations


We've been following this story since it broke and it seems like every day there are new developments and new versions of the story leaking out. Kevin Clash, the voice of Sesame Street's Elmo, was accused of sex with a minor, although he maintained his innocence. He admitted to having a relationship with Sheldon Stephens ...

Kevin Clash’s Accuser Had Been Identified As Aspiring Model And Troubled Youth Sheldon Stephens


Up until now the accuser behind the Kevin Clash (voice of Elmo) sexual abuse allegations has remained anonymous. When the accuser recanted his allegations yesterday, many of us became very curious-- and concerned-- as to why he was changing his tune. Since the story first broke we've been wondering about the accuser's identity and we ...