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Watch: Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe Are The Perfect Duo In The Latest Trailer ‘The Nice Guys’


Back in December the world was treated to the first trailer for Shane Black's super dark comedy/violent/hopefully amazing movie, The Nice Guys. Now with Warner Brothers giving us Batman V Superman this week, the studio has released a second trailer for The Nice Guys, which if you can even imagine, is better than the first. ...

‘The Nice Guys’ Trailer Has Arrived And Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe Make The Best Team Ever


Just the story of a lowly private eye (Ryan Gosling), and a macho ball-breaker (Russell Crowe) and what seems like could be the best (dis-functional) bromance of the year. Yep, the trailer for Shane Black's The Nice Guys, is here, and it takes us into the funkadellic, sextastic seventies, combining comedy and action. In this ...

Ryan Gosling May Star In Guillermo del Toro’s Disney Film ‘The Haunted Mansion’


Waaaaay back in 2010 we first learned that director Guillermo del Toro officially signed on to direct a feature film for Disney based on the amusement theme park ride The Haunted Mansion and today, all these years later, we are hearing that actor Ryan Gosling is close to joining the cast of the film. ...