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Watch: The Trailer For Ryan Gosling’s New Movie, ‘The Place Beyond The Pines,’ Is Here!


Okay. Even if you've been waiting for this movie since those 2011 promo pics, you are still not ready for The Place Beyond The Pines. Unless of course you're ready for a trailer that looks like Martin Scorsese's The Departed if Martin Scorsese's The Departed had a baby with Drive, and then that baby grew ...

Watch: Brad Pitt And Ray Liotta Bring ‘Gangster’ Back In The ‘Killing Them Softly’ Trailer


Now I don't know how I feel about calling any film-- no matter how poignantly gangster it might be-- 'this year's Drive.' But, I am excited to hear that this is what critics are saying about Killing Them Softly. Brad Pitt plays Jackie Cogan, a seasoned enforcer who comes to Boston (hells yeah!) to set ...