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Yikes! Patrick Stewart Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before In The ‘Green Room’ Trailer


Patrick Stewart is a brilliant, classically trained ACtor, so of course he can play any kind of character, but to see him as a maniacal Southern psycho killer in Green Room is definitely unnerving. I mean, he's Professor X and Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, for heaven's sake! And now he's terrorizing a punk rock band because they saw ...

Celebrities Pose For ‘Vanity Fair’ At The 2014 White House Correspondents Association Party


Celebrities and media personalities were on hand for the annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner/Party in Washington DC over the weekend and so was Vanity Fair magazine. Like they did for the Academy Awards this year, Vanity Fair teamed up with Facebook to produce a portrait studio featuring some of our fave celebs. ...

Watch: This Video Of Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellan Playing ‘The Newlywed Game’ Proves That They Were Made For One Another


Despite the fact that this was released back in February, the video of Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan playing The Newlywed Game together is making the rounds this week so I'm guessing that many of you probably have yet to see it ... which is a shame because it's an amazing video that needs ...