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Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon And Dem Babies Celebrated Easter Together


Social media last night was all about Easter, and Mad Men—at least according to everyone I'm following. There were plenty of cute celebrity family photos with Easter eggs and bunnies (although Trent actually won for greatest Easter meme of all time), and Mariah Carey reunited with her ex Nick Cannon to celebrate the holiday with ...

Mariah Carey & Dem Babies Aren’t Letting Divorce Rumors Keep Them From Living Life


It's been about a week since we first learned officially that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have separated. And while imminent divorce rumors are running rampant, there has been no official confirmation that the couple's marriage is completely dunzo just yet. No matter, Mimi is not letting any of the drama keep her ...

Nick Cannon Is Reportedly Worried About ‘Mariah’s Emotional State’


Yesterday we learned that, following Nick Cannon's announcement about being separated from his wife, Mariah Carey took action and legally barred Nick from saying anything else about the split. Well, I don't know if Nick has already broken this confidentiality agreement, or if these are things he said before it was drawn up, but sources ...