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Watch: The Miss America Organization Formally Apologizes To Vanessa Williams For Stripping Her Of Her Crown


Last week we learned that Vanessa Williams, who back in 1983 was crowned the first Black Miss America, would be welcomed back to the Miss America beauty pageant as the head judge 32 years after the organization stripped her of her crown due to a nude photo scandal. Just moments ago, during the live ...

Formerly Dethroned Miss America, Vanessa Williams, Will Return To The Pageant As The Main Judge


In 1984, Vanessa Williams became the first Black woman to win the Miss America beauty pageant, which was notable in and of itself, but it was only after she was forced to resign her title that her fame (or infamy) really took off. Williams was forced to step down as reigning Miss America after ...

The Beautiful Nina Davuluri Just Became The First Miss America Of Indian Heritage


Just last week we were celebrating the awesomeness/hotness of Angolan model Maria Borges, who recently became one of the first women of color to walk in a Christian Dior runway show. In fashion and in the world of beauty, we are still accomplishing many firsts in terms of actually embracing diversity and redefining standards of ...