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Miley Cyrus Brings The Emo Realness In The Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign


Last week we learned that 64-year old actress Jessica Lange has been named the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty and today we learn that 21-year old twerker extraordinaire Miley Cyrus is the featured model in the Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaign for Marc Jacobs fashion. Miley previously collabed with Marc Jacobs when she appeared ...

Miley Cyrus Is Completely Nude On This New Marc Jacobs Shirt


We've seen Miley Cyrus rocking barely-there shorts, barely-there dresses, and totally-there diapers, but this is Miley on a whole 'nother level. The singer joined in on the celebrity nude-for-a-cause campaign, and can now be seen completely naked on a Marc Jacobs t-shirt. I always think it's kinda hilarious when people strip down "for a good ...

Marc Jacobs & Lorenzo Martone ARE Dunzo After All


It would seem that the torrid on-again-off-again-married-again-off-again-on-again relationship between fashion designer Marc Jacobs and his boyfriend/husband/whatever Lorenzo Martone is off again. As you may recall, Marc and Lorenzo got "married" (or whatever) in St. Bart's back in January but there were rumors that the couple had split up going around back in April. ...