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‘Is She Growling At Me?’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


We had some great pop culture stories this week, y'all. Friggen Jenelle Evans. The friggen Golden Globes. And friggen Megan Fox and her surprising relationship with... the Holy Ghost. I love it! As usual, I had great fun reading everyone's thoughts on everything, but this week was especially impressive, since we had some heavy-hitting stories ...

Watch: Vanessa Williams’s Daughter Released A Music Video And Y’all Are Not Ready!


Ummmm. Yeah. So, early yesterday morning the love of my life was all like, 'Did you see that new video from Vanessa Williams's daughter?' And I was all like, 'Ummmm no. WHAT?!' I couldn't believe her daughter released a music video and I definitely didn't expect it to be, like, good. You know how it ...