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Listen: James Franco Calls Lindsay Lohan ‘Delusional’, Says He Only Kissed Her, Claims She Broke Into His Room


After that list of Lindsay Lohan's famous lovers was leaked to the Internets which includes James Franco and other famous actors among her conquests, Franco made it very clear that he did NOT have sex with Lindsay no matter what she says. Today, during his interview on The Howard Stern Show, James was asked ...

Watch: Lindsay Lohan Cries Over The Release Of Her ‘Sex List’, Says It Was Part Of Her Rehab Recovery


Last month a list of famous men that Lindsay Lohan supposedly had sex with was leaked to the world (HERE and HERE) and in the upcoming season finale episode of Lohan's docu-series Lindsay, she talks about how the leak of that list has affected her. Through tears, Lindsay says that the leaking of that ...

Watch: Lindsay Lohan And David Letterman Call Oprah Winfrey On ‘The Late Show’


In an effort to promote her docu-series Lindsay which is falling in the ratings on the OWN network with each passing week, Lindsay Lohan made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman last night to try and stop the bleeding. Lindsay came up with the idea to call Oprah Winfrey during her ...