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Lana Del Rey Testifies Against The Two Lady Stalkers That Won’t Leave Her Alone


Poor Lana!! Singer and goddess Lana Del Rey went to court yesterday, testifying against two female stalkers who have been camping outside her home. TMZ reports that she had previously filed a restraining order against Nataliia Krinitsyna and Iuliia Vladimirovna, and even extended the restraints in court. Apparently the two women left suicide related letters in her ...

Watch: Lana Del Rey Releases A New Song Titled ‘Terrence Loves You’, Releases The Album Artwork For ‘Honeymoon’


Lana Del Rey will release her new album, Honeymoon, on September 18 (and it is available for pre-order now) but before the album drops, she wants us to hear another track from the album beforehand. LDR has released the official audio for her song Terrance Loves You, which is the third song to be ...