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Kristen Stewart Joins Michelle Williams And Laura Dern In A New Ensemble Film


It's official. Nobody is allowed to roll their eyes and sigh anymore, in response to a new Kristen Stewart film. Just kidding—this is not an official, worldwide decree. But after learning about her big Cesar win, I'm excited for her new projects. This particular project sounds really cool. Stewart will be playing a lawyer-turned-teacher in ...

Kristen Stewart Makes History As First American Actress To Win The French César Award


Well, well, well! I'd planned to see The Clouds of Sils Maria since we first saw the trailer a while back, but the film has just risen to the top of my must-see list. Kristen Stewart just became the first American actress to win the prestigious French César Award—the equivalent of a French Oscar. Except ...

First Look: Can You Buy Kristen Stewart As A Soldier In The ‘Camp X-Ray’ Trailer?


We'd heard about this project a little while back and now the first trailer for Kristen Stewart's Camp X-Ray is here. The film debuted to positive reviews at the Sundance Film Festival, and I think it looks to tell a compelling story. Stewart plays Private Amy Cole, an American soldier at Guantanamo Bay. She meets ...