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Nicki Minaj Slams ESPN For Retouching Her Cover Photo With Kobe Bryant


Ever since that Jezebel/Lena Dunham/Vogue retouching catastrophe, any story concerning retouching is sure to get some attention. After the so-called feminist blog put put a bounty for Dunham's un-retouched photos, many of us found ourselves on Team Dunham/Vogue, even if we'd never been particularly big fans of either. One thing that I think needs to ...

Kobe Bryant Fined $100k For Homophobic Remark


During Tuesday night's LA Lakers basketball game, televised nationally on TBS, Kobe Bryant called the referee who slapped him with a technical foul a "fucking faggot". As a result of Kobe's inexcusable behavior, many called for his punishment for the offense. In an effort to preempt any punishment he might receive, Kobe issued ...