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Dr. Luke’s Label Is Not Allowing Kesha to Perform at the Billboard Music Awards


Kesha just can't catch a break. After announcing that she would be performing during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards this Sunday (May 22, 2016), it seems like it might not happen after all. Pretty shitty, right? The singer's scheduled performance has been canceled by her producer, Dr. Luke, and her label Kemosabe Records. Why? Well...because her ...

Kesha Gives Lady Gaga A Big Thanks For Her Oscars Performance Of ‘Til It Happens To You’


I left the Oscar party I was attending last night feeling a little sour. The main reason is that 'Til It Happens To You,' the song written by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga for the documentary The Hunting Ground was completely snubbed. The Oscar instead went to Sam Smith for his Spectre theme song, which in my ...

Kesha Breaks Silence, Tells Fans Their Support Has Left Her Face ‘Swollen With Tears’


Singer Kesha has finally spoken out since having a really bad day in court last week. A New York judge denied her request to be released from her contract with Sony (her record label) and Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald, her former producer, despite her sexual assault allegations against Gottwald (a claim he has vehemently denied). The ...