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Ke$ha Wants YOU To Send Her Your Teeth In Rehab


At the start of this month we learned that popstar Ke$ha entered a rehab treatment facility for an eating disorder and about a week later, we learned that her mother entered the very same rehab facility for treatment of her own (which doesn't sound like the healthiest idea to me but that's another story). ...

Ke$ha Has Checked In To Rehab


Ke$ha has confirmed that she has checked herself in to a rehab treatment facility to deal with an eating disorder. The pop singer has revealed in an official statement that she gave to TMZ that altho she lives a life centered on the advocation of "loving one's self", she has found it difficult to ...

‘7Hollywood’ Magazine Makes A Stunning Debut In Digital & Print Formats


It is will great pleasure that I introduce the premiere of a brand new magazine titled 7Hollywood that is devoted to music, cinema, fashion, art, culture, entertainment ... you name it, they cover it! The just-released premiere issue is offered with 7 different covers which feature diverse folks like Ke$ha, Sophia Loren, Adam Levine, ...