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Kate Winslet Finally Admits Rose Could Have Saved Jack In ‘Titanic’


Kate Winslet had finally admitted what we've all been thinking about for years: Jack could have fit on that huge piece of wood at the end of Titanic. The actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday to talk about touching Susan Sarandon’s chest, but Jimmy Kimmel made sure to take the opportunity to call ...

First Look: Michael Fassbender Is Steve Jobs In The Danny Boyle-Directed Biopic


Last night everyone who was watching Mad Men was privy to some pretty amazing trailers. Somehow, I completely missed the news that Trainspotting and Slum Dog Millionaire director Danny Boyle was making a Steve Jobs biopic (aptly titled Steve Jobs)... starring MICHAEL FASSBENDER... and KATE WINSLET. And also Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Katherine Waterston, and ...

Thankfully, Kate Winslet Has No Plans To Change Her Last Name To Rocknroll


When Kate Winslet went and got hitched back in December, her fans were really excited for her. But some of us were also... concerned... LOL. When you marry someone legally named Ned Rocknroll, it's definitely gonna raise an eyebrow or two, and we were all just hoping that the beloved actress wouldn't ever, ever, everevereverever ...