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Michael Lohan & His Baby Son Show Up At Court For Mommy Kate Major’s DUI Arraignment


It's been about a year since we've checked in with Michael Lohan and his newborn son Landon who was borne of his tumultuous relationship with Kate Major. As you may know, Lohan and Major have been on-again/off-again over their years together which have involved domestic violence and jail sentences. Usually, it's Lohan who ...

Michael Lohan & Kate Major Are Having A Baby Boy


With all the hoopla surrounding Lindsay Lohan's overly dramatic life, I completely forgot all about the terrifying news that Michael Lohan impregnated his on-again-off-again girlfriend Kate Major. As you may recall, the once engaged couple called off their relationship after Kate alleged that Michael physically assaulted her. As a result, Lohan went to ...