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Kate Bosworth Is The Red Queen: 10 Must-See Celebrity Fashion Looks Of The Week!


Sometimes it's hard doing these weekly fashion round-ups. I'm at home, rocking some Levis... that maybe have a hole in them because... I maybe squeezed myself into them too early postpartum, and yeah. No. This is hard. LOOK at Kate Bosworth in all that red! I diiieeee! Peep the gallery for more! [Photo Credit: Getty]

Watch Now: Every Movie Star Ever Is In The NSFW ‘Movie 43′ Red Band Trailer


Emma Stone. Kate Winslet. Hugh Jackman. Halle Berry. Naomi Watts. Richard Gere. Gerard Butler as a leprechaun. Elizabeth Banks. Kate Bosworth with two-toned eyes. Terrence Howard. Chloë Grace Moretz. Anna Faris. And practically every other movie star ever. In Movie 43. Okay, so for ages and ages I've been hearing about this untitled Farrelly Brothers ...