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Alicia Keys Bumps Out With Hubby Swizz Beatz At Their Baby Shower


Instagram-stalking Swizz Beatz has many benefits, especially if you have any interest in the art world. He is constantly sharing his favorite, contemporary works, and loves introducing his followers to new artists. There is some incredibly dope stuff on his page. But last night, it was all about baby bumps, as Swizzy and his wife ...

Alicia Keys Is A Gorgeous Host At The 2012 ‘Keep A Child Alive’ Black Ball Event


Last night Alicia Keys hosted her annual Keep A Child Alive Black Ball charity event in NYC. The singer, who recently announced that she's going on tour with Miguel, managed to raise over $1 million to assist those affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India... and she managed to look ridiculously amazing while doing so.  In her hometown ...

Amazing Street Gallery Art Comes To Instagram


here are plenty of good reasons to be semi-addicted to Instagram-- Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Swizz Beatz are a few celebs with very popular accounts, and rightfully so. Here's one more reason to make goo-goo eyes at what is, arguably, Apple's coolest app ever: @Instagrafite (sounds like "insta-grafitti"). This gallery of all things ...