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Best Of 2012: Here Are 100 Of The Most Unforgettable Celebrity Fashion Looks Of The Year


Y'all may have noticed by now that I have kind of an obsessive quality in me. Anything 'cool' is 'the coolest thing ever'; Marion Cotillard is never just 'a great actress'-- she's 'glorious' and she 'redefines my life.' LOL. Being obsessive and having the tendency to exaggerate is great fun... unless you're trying to pick, ...

Watch: Naomi Campbell’s New Modeling Competition Titled ‘The Face,’ Releases A Teaser


I know, I know. Another day, another competitive reality show, right? But Oxygen's The Face has something those other shows don't-- Naomi friggen Campbell. Not into Naomi? There's also Karolina Kurkova. Not a Kurkovian? How 'bout the Canadian-born Coco Rocha? And if you're not into her then you're at least obsessed with Nigel Barker (formerly of America's Next ...