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10-Year Old Jake Gyllenhaal Was Super Bummed He Couldn’t Star In ‘The Mighty Ducks’


Jake Gyllenhaal has been making the promo rounds lately in support of his new film Southpaw, which opened over the weekend, and during an interview with Howard Stern on his radio program, Jake confessed that he was really super bummed that his parents wouldn't let him star in the 1992 Disney movie The Mighty Ducks. ...

Jake Gyllenhaal Made His Stage Debut In ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ Last Night


Back in April we learned that Jake Gyllenhaal would be making his off-Broadway stage debut this summer in a new production of Little Shop of Horrors. Last night, Jakey poo made his Little Shop debut in his first of 3 performances as Seymour in the off-Broadway production staged by New York City Center Encores! ...

First Look/OMFG: Jake Gyllenhaal Is Completely Unrecognizable As A Boxer In ‘Southpaw’


When Prisoners came out last year, followed by Enemy, I realized that Jake Gyllenhaal is on some next level stuff. I had this great interview with his director for both of those movies, and Denis Villeneuve further solidified my love for this actor by talking about his intelligence, and his dedication and sensitivity to his ...