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Amber Rose Stands Up to GQ, “I’m More Than Kanye’s Ex Or Wiz’s Baby’s Mama”


Um, no. Amber Rose was recently interviewed by GQ about her new book, feminism, and her recent Slutwalk, accompanied by a nude photo shoot, and she wasn't too happy with the way author Carrie Battan described her. Mainly, she wasn't stoked on the first paragraph of the article. Here's what it read: "Amber Rose wrote ...

Jaden Smith Explains Why He Wore A White Batman Costume To Kanye West’s Wedding & High School Prom


Jaden Christopher Pinkett-Smith, the only son of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, has become a bit of a fashionista in recent years with his bold fashion choices. Smith is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine wherein he talks a bit about his style and answers questions about some of his more ... interesting ...

Nicki Minaj Spoke With ‘GQ’ About Her ‘Anaconda’ Video And Fell Asleep A Few Times In The Process


Nicki Minaj is featured in the new issue of GQ magazine where she was asked a few questions about her eye-catching, flamboyant, uber sexual music video for her single Anaconda and she eventually gave her answers ... but only after she fell asleep a few times during the interview. LOL. That's right ... ...