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Celebrating ‘The Legend Of Hercules’ Movie With The 10 Most Epic Abs In Movie History


Everyone. The Legend Of Hercules movie is hitting theatres next month and there's only one way to really, truly mentally prepare for this: a gallery full of hot, sexy, man abs. Hottie McHotterson Kellan Lutz is taking on the lead role as the mythical Greek hero, which means that we'll get to see him all ...

Watch: Jessica Biel And Gerard Butler Are Adorable In The ‘Playing For Keeps’ Trailer


Okay. So it's a little cheesy. And there's that holiday rom-com trailer music playing in the background. But that's not gonna stop me from getting excited about Playing For Keeps. Gerard Butler, Jessica Biel, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are starring in this story of love, loss, and... soccer? Yes. Soccer. And I'm still into it. The ...

Gerard Butler Goes In And Out Of Rehab


Because of my recent travels in Amsterdam and London, I somehow missed the news a couple of days ago that actor Gerard Butler was released from the Betty Ford Clinic after completing a 3 week program for prescription drug addiction. The good news here is that Butler not only realized that he needed help ...