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Watch: Ewan McGregor And Naomi Watts Discuss ‘The Impossible’ In A New Featurette


Back in August we saw the amazing (totally tear-jerking) trailer for Ewan McGregor's new film about the southeast Asian tsunami, The Impossible. Today we get a closer look at Naomi Watts's role in the film as McGregor's wife, who gets separated from him and her other son during the disaster. The film was based on ...

Ewan McGregor Will Star Alongside Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep And Benedict Cumberbatch In A New Movie


A little while back we saw the amazing trailer for Ewan McGregor's new film The Impossible, a movie that's getting major Oscar buzz for painting an intense portrait of one family's experience during the Southeast Asian tsunami. We all know Ewan's brilliant, which is why I'm really excited to learn more about his next project, ...

‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Celebrates 30 Years With A Special Screening In SoCal


Last month, you may recall, Entertainment Weekly featured Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back on the cover of their magazine in celebration of the film's 30th anniversary ... but last night, here in SoCal, the film screened in front of a special audience not only to celebrate their 30 years but also ...