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Watch: Ellen DeGeneres Shows Off ‘The First Photo’ Of Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes’s Baby


For a few months now, ever since Eva Mendes gave birth to Ryan Gosling's baby, the world has been clamoring for its first look at the couple's baby daughter Esmerelda Amada. As you may recall, Eva gave her first interview last month since giving birth in September and revealed the inspiration for her daughter's ...

Eva Mendes Reveals Why She And Babydaddy Ryan Gosling Named Their Daughter Esmerelda Amada


Back in mid-September we learned that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling welcomed the birth of their first child together, a daughter that we learned in October the couple named Esmeralda Amada. Today, in her first interview/photoshoot since giving birth, we learn why Eva and Ryan decided to name their daughter Esmeralda Amada. Mendes ...

The Name Of Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling’s Daughter Has Been Revealed


It's been almost a month since Eva Mendes gave birth to Ryan Gosling's firstborn child and since that time, we've seen neither hide nor hair of the couple's newborn daughter ... nor have we gotten any official information from the family whatsoever. But, because things like birth certificates are a matter of public record, ...