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Scott Eastwood Comes Clean On His Relationship Status And Going Commando To Ellen


Scott Eastwood is undeniably hot. Regardless if he's your "type," the 30-year-old actor and son of Clint Eastwood, has chiseled features, dreamy eyes and a smile that is capable of making most weak in the knees. He's a super catch, but there's always an air of mystery surrounding his dating life. While he's been linked ...

Ellen DeGeneres Says She’ll Help Nick Carter Make The Backstreet Boys-Spice Girls World Tour Happen


We knew Ellen DeGeneres had our backs! During his appearance on Ellen on Friday (Oct. 16, 2015), Nick Carter continued to give us all hope that a Backstreet Boys-Spice Girls reunion tour will happen. After rumors started swirling about a potential reunion between two of our favorite '90s groups, we've been patiently waiting for some ...