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First Look: Chloë Grace Moretz Teams With Denzel Washington In ‘The Equalizer’


And the Chloë Grace Moretz takeover continues! This child is taking on some seriously fantastic roles, and I'm so psyched for her. Yesterday we got our first look at a new film Moretz is in with Kristen Stewart and Juliette Binoche, and today we have the trailer for The Equalizer. I mean, it's Denzel Washington ...

Denzel Washington Is Rumored To Play Green Lantern In The ‘Superman Vs. Batman’ Movie


Thus far there have been a lot of casting rumors where the so-called Superman vs. Batman movie is concerned. Some of the news is official (like Gal Gadot's casting as Wonder Woman), some of the news is merely rumor (like Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor). Today we hear the unconfirmed and TOTALLY rumored ...

Watch: Denzel Washington And Mark Wahlberg Look Amazing Together In The New Trailer For ‘2 Guns’


I don't know what took Hollywood so long to figure out that Denzel Washington and Marky Mark Wahlberg belong in a high-octane action movie together, but I'm just glad they figured it out while I'm still walking this earth. OMG, y'all. Two men that I'm very attracted to for completely different reasons are doing amazing, ...