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‘Might Be The Beginning Of A Meltdown… *Grabs Popcorn*’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Commentary


What a ridiculously insane week in PITNB Reader commentary... lmao! Like, seriously?! We had so many cray-cray stories, a few meltdowns (hai Justin), and a very short, but sweet Throwback Thursday to which I'm still rocking out... lol. Last Sunday I had a rare (but very much needed) day off and didn't get to do ...

Danielle Fishel Graduates From College, Encourages Older Folks To Do The Same


Ever since we got wind of the upcoming Boy Meets World sequel (Girl Meets World), Danielle Fishel has been on our radar. The actress's hilarious Liz & Dick parody is still one of my fave videos of the year, and PITNBR DaeDae had told us that he and Danielle were actually attending Cal State Fullerton together.Well, DaeDae was ...

Watch: Danielle Fishel Of ‘Boy Meets World’ Offers A Brilliant Parody Of Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor


There's been a lot of chatter about Lindsay Lohan's role as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime television movie Liz & Dick. In fact, when the movie premiered last week all hell broke loose on Twitter and the negative criticism Lindsay got may even have been the cause for her recent fight in a NYC nightclub, which ...