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Ciara Sang The National Anthem At A Football Game And All People Could Talk About Were Her Boobs


It was a Monday night. The Alabama Crimson Tide were playing the Clemson Tigers in the College Football championships. Ciara was singing the National Anthem. The lady is talented, and by talented I mean she is an amazing dancer. And hey, I'm not saying she can't sing either, but the National Anthem just isn't the ...

First Look: Ciara Is Unsurprisingly Sexy In The ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ Video


It's hard/impossible to think of a Ciara video that wasn't sexually charged and designed to make you want to go to the gym, and/or take all of the dance classes. Dance Like We're Making Love is really no different in terms of being incredibly hawt and a great showcase for Ciara's whole... situation. Unfortunately, I ...

Ciara On Fleek: 10 Must-See Celebrity Fashion Looks Of The Week


I have to admit, this week's selection was a little disappointing for me. Ciara's abs were the major highlight, as Jennifer Lawrence, and even Kerry Washington disappointed me a bit with their red carpet choices (all while, still, looking amazing—because that's what they do). Still, there were some funky choices and then Jessica White... well. ...