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Britney Spears Proves She’s Perfect Again, Donates $120,000 To The Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation


Britney Spears is showing her charitable side by donating a large sum to a childhood cancer charity. The singer presented a $120,000 donation to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation this weekend before her Piece of Me show Saturday, Oct. 24 at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. When Britney isn't guest starring on Jane the Virgin, she's proving over ...

Watch Britney Spears Totally Own Her Wardrobe Malfunction As Her Backup Dancers Scramble To Fix It


Of course Britney Spears wouldn't let something like a wardrobe malfunction mess with her on stage awesomeness. She's too good for that. While she's had her fair share of wardrobe issues in the past, none of them were as intense as the one during her Las Vegas show Friday night when the zipper on her ...

Gina Rodriguez Fulfills Childhood Dream By Dancing with Britney Spears on ‘Jane the Virgin’


Remember the good ol' days of cutting out photos of heartthrobs and badass ladies from J-14 and Tiger Beat to put on binders and lockers? Oh man, those were fun days! Or the days of having lip sync and dance offs in the quad? Well Gina Rodriguez pretty much fulfilled our childhood fantasies for us by dancing ...