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Photos From Madonna’s Fabulous 55th Birthday Party In Nice, France Hit The Internets


Madonna celebrated her 55th birthday on August 16 and while many folks around the world were sending her best wishes and Birthday Lurve all day long that day, she and her friends were bizzy partying the night away overseas. As you may recall, we learned early last week that Madge and her family are ...

Madonna’s ‘Secret Project’ Is Actually The Launch Of A New Clothing Line By Her Boyfriend


Back in March Madonna released a mysterious teaser video for a "secret project" that she has been working on with photographer Steven Klein. In June, she released a longer full-length trailer that gave the impression that this "secret project" had something to do with a larger, possibly charitable cause. Today we learn that ...

Madonna’s ToyBoy Brahim Zaibat Was One Of Her Super Bowl Back-Up Dancers


By now we've pretty much all seen Madonna's brilliant Super Bowl XLVI halftime show and we've prolly heard a bit too much about M.I.A.'s middle finger flash ... but did you know that Maddy's much younger toyboy boyfriend Brahim Zaibat was among the back-up dancers in yesterday's Super Bowl halftime show? The official Facebook ...