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Watch: Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Loves Norwegian Death Metal In A Deleted Scene From ‘This Is 40′


Yesterday Trent reviewed Judd Apatow's latest flick, This Is 40. I got to check out the movie a little while back and-- although it wasn't my favorite Apatow effort-- it's a pretty fun experience. Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has a small cameo in the movie, but apparently he also had another scene that had ...

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Calls Democrats ‘Pussies’, Mike Huckabee A Molester


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who just completed his second stint on Broadway in his show American Idiot, sat down with Details magazine to talk about a range of topics from fatherhood, to punkness to politics. It's when he is asked to discuss the political climate here in the US that his interview ...

Billie Joe Armstong Makes His Broadway Debut In ‘Green Day’s American Idiot’


Billie Joe Armstrong, frontman for Green Day and principal composer of the Broadway musical Green Day's American Idiot, make his Broadway debut this week playing the lead character in the stage musical of the show that he co-authored which is based on the album of the same name that he also co-authored ... which, if ...