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Watch: Jay Z Shared Video Of His Wedding To Beyoncé On Their Anniversary


In celebration of their wedding anniversary (and the launch of his new music streaming service TIDAL), Beyoncé released a new song for hubby Jay Z. Today we get to see intimate wedding video from B-Jay's nuptials that Jay shared on on his official Instagram profile. The video was featured on the jumbotron during ...

Beyoncé Releases A New Song, But You’ll Need A TIDAL Subscription To Hear It


This is... hilarious. And brilliant. And ridiculous. And hilarious. For everyone who thought they weren't going to get a subscription to TIDAL, think again. Beyoncé fans the world over got a special treat when Beyoncé released a clip to a new music video, in celebration of her seven year wedding anniversary with Jay Z. Preview ...

These Unretouched Photos Of Beyoncé Prove That She Is Not ***Flawless After All


Beyoncé appeared in an ad campaign for L'Oréal Paris back in 2013 for their cosmetic and hair color products. Today, a bunch of unretouched photos from her L'Oréal photoshoot have hit the Internets and are causing quite a stir among her fans and detractors alike. We all know that Beyoncé takes great pains ...