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Ellen Page Of ‘Juno’ And ‘Inception’ Will Make Her Directorial Debut


We've been getting some pretty awesome movie news lately. Terrence Malick, Ryan Gosling, and Wes Anderson are all about to change our lives very soon (I hope), and oh-- the Bored To Death movie has been confirmed! And here's another fun fact-- actress Ellen Page (who we all remember from films like Juno and Inception) ...

Watch And Lurve: Anna Faris, Minnie Driver, And Rose Byrne Star In The British Comedy ‘I Give It A Year’


OMG. I sooo needed this Monday morning laugh. I love my four year-old... and I'm really excited about his new train as well (because he only has, like, 75 trains so it's really good that his Dad hooked him up with a new set); I just didn't plan on attaching and re-attaching trains and looking ...