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NSFW: Amber Rose Frees The Nipple On Twitter In Honor Of The Slut Walk


Hell yeah! My favorite feminist is at it again. In honor of the Amber Rose Slut Walk, the Queen herself posted an oh-so-fab photo on twitter today. Amber appears in a stunning white fur coat, with one boob naked for all to see. She posted the photo with the hashtags #freethenipple, #MUVA, and #AmberRoseSlutWalk2016. This ...

Queen Amber Rose Discusses Hollywood’s Double Standards, Using Channing Tatum As An Example


Oh Amber Rose. How I love you. You're never afraid to stand up for justice, regardless of the backlash. That takes some serious courage. Amber spoke to HuffPo recently about the serious double standards in Hollywood. As you probably know, she used to be a stripper, and that hasn't really lent well to a high ...

Amber Rose Stands Up to GQ, “I’m More Than Kanye’s Ex Or Wiz’s Baby’s Mama”


Um, no. Amber Rose was recently interviewed by GQ about her new book, feminism, and her recent Slutwalk, accompanied by a nude photo shoot, and she wasn't too happy with the way author Carrie Battan described her. Mainly, she wasn't stoked on the first paragraph of the article. Here's what it read: "Amber Rose wrote ...