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Amazon Unveils 8 New TV Show Pilots That You’ll Get to Choose From This Season


How exciting is this? Amazon is letting us choose which TV show pilots gets to stay and which won't become a series this year. The popular streaming service will release eight new pilot episodes on June 17, and rather than letting random people in Hollywood decide on what TV shows will have a shot, Amazon is letting everyone ...

The First Teaser For ‘Transparent’ Season Two Promises Plenty Of Perfect Moments With Your Favorite Family


With a first season that blew everyone else out of the water, hopes are high for season two of Transparent. And if the first teaser for the Amazon show is any indication, we can expect it to be just as amazing the second time around. Opening on the wedding of Amy Landecker's Sarah and Melora Hardin's Tammy, ...

5 Reasons To Spend Your Entire Saturday Watching ‘Transparent’


Stop everything. I mean it! Whatever plans you had today—hanging out, partying, someone's wedding, the birth of your firstborn—reschedule them! Amazon has done the unthinkable and made their brilliant, critically-acclaimed, Golden Globe-winning series available in full, for everyone—not just Amazon Prime members. I've gone on and on about this series, and I will never stop ...