Caitlyn Jenner Is Now Officially ‘Caitlyn Jenner’

On September 15, Caitlyn Jenner filed paperwork with the court petitioning the judge to have her gender and name legally changed and yesterday, the ruling judge granted the petition. In just a matter of months, the former Bruce Jenner came out to the world as a transgender woman and has undergone changes to become who she truly is in practically record time. Altho not perfect, Jenner has absolutely made huge advancements in transgender visibility and has done much to help other people struggling with the myriad of difficulties that transgender people face. At pretty much every step of the way, Caitlyn has shared her journey with the world not (as some people tend to believe) for fame or attention but because I honestly believe she wants to use her story to help and educate others. While there will undoubtedly be more changes ahead for Caitlyn, having her gender and name legally changed to match the person that she has been her whole life must be a really amazing feeling for her … and an inspiration for others. More »

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The Final Weekend

And so, the time is drawing ever nearer the time when I have to say goodbye here on Pink is the new Blog. As I announced a couple of weeks ago, September 30 will be my last day writing Pink is the new Blog before the whole thing is handed off to someone else. As the days tick away, I find myself feeling the pang of loss, even tho the end isn’t quite here yet. I’ve done my best to carry on “as usual” in the past couple of weeks (actually, in the past few months going back to when I was notified of the change in blog management), but as the end gets close … it’s getting harder not to put everything I write in context. Yesterday, I got my hands on one of the new rose gold iPhone 6S Plus phones and I picked up a vinyl copy of Chvrches‘s new album Every Open Eye — both shockingly and beautifully pink. PITNB will soon no longer be a part of my life, but pink will always be a very integral part of who I am. More »

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Les News, 092615

  • • First Lady Michelle Obama on FLEEK at the Chinese state dinner at the White House last night [Buzzfeed]
  • • Halloween costumes for your squad [PopSugar]
  • • Would you scale the tallest mountain for Jake Gyllenhaal? [LaineyGossip]
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  • • The return of Samantha Fox is Hot Stuff [Idolator]
  • • Technical difficulties impeded Kanye West‘s concert at the Hollywood Bowl last night [GossipCop]
  • • Russia has a problem with Apple‘s gay-friendly emojis [Towleroad]
  • David Beckham & Kevin Hart for H&M [Oh La La]
  • • Sex with Morrissey sounds awful [Queerty]
  • • The Best Dressed Popes [Ranker]
  • • And they immediately burned the plane to a crisp, right? [Newser]
  • Emily Blunt wants to be the new Beyoncé [Global Grind]
  • Christina Milian is 34, Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men is 43, Melissa Sue Anderson (Little House on the Prairie) is 53, Cindy Herron of En Vogue is 54, Linda Hamilton is 59 and Olivia Newton-John is 67 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

But Why Haven’t I Started Watching ‘Black Mirror’ Yet?!

Has there ever been a show that you’ve fallen in love with—like madly, deeply in love with—but you haven’t even seen it yet? Okay, that is me with Black Mirror. Last year one of our UK writers at Paste wrote a piece that I edited titled, Black Mirror: The Show That Will Cure Your Addiction in Five Steps and I’ve been obsessing over this show in my head since then. Also, there was a friggen Christmas special with Jon Hamm that I need in my life. Now that Netflix has announced Season Three is being released by the streaming device, my body is officially ready for a binge. The show is said to be one of the darkest, most scathing and entertaining indictments of our tech-obsessed world, and I want to know who’s watching already! Click inside for more!

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Finally: Ja Rule’s MTV Family Reality Show Is Upon Us

That moment when you and your grandma talk condoms...

About a million years ago, we got our first look at Ja Rule‘s MTV reality show/docu-series Follow the Rules. At this point, we know all of these shows are gimmicky, we know they’re somewhat scripted (if not, like, 100% scripted), and we know the story is the same: ex-famous person still a little bit famous but mostly normal, look at him and his family going through normal stuff, except with a lot more money. Yet and still, I was excited because the promo was really funny! Finally, we have a release date: on October 26 I’ll be welcoming Ja Rule back into my home, as I once did years ago when I first copped Venni Vetti Vecci and blasted Suicide Freestyle for like three days straight. I’m here for you, Ja!


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First Look: You Need Amandla Stenberg’s Comic Book In Your World

Shouts-out to our intern Iris B. for tagging me on this photo because, yassss! Now, I know I’m hella late to the party, and all the cool comic-reading kids are going to want to kick me out, but in the next few months it looks like I’ll be purchasing my very first comic books. As a kid, I was never interested and also really wasn’t exposed to the world of comics, but you can’t really work with someone like Trent for three years and not begin to develop some interest. Now that two of my favorite people are about to release their own comics—Ta-Nehisi Coates is taking on Black Panther, and Amandla Stenberg has created Niobi—my body and mind are ready for a deep dive. Click inside for more about Stenberg‘s latest project!

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Watch: Here Is The First Trailer For ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 3

Two Heads are Better than None

Back in March we learned the happy news that Fox renewed Sleepy Hollow for a third season and next Thursday, October 1, the show returns with all new episodes. As you can see in the trailer embedded above for the season 3 premiere episode titled I, Witness, Ichabod and Abbie are back at it again fighting the forces of evil in the “quiet” hamlet of Sleepy Hollow. Over the summer, it was reported that the new season of Sleepy Hollow will feature much less of the Headless Horsemen (which is dumb to me but whatever) but the reports failed to mention that the new season would also feature much less hair on both Ichabod and Abbie — everyone got a haircut! Additionally, EW reports that two episodes of the new season will crossover with new episodes of Bones. Um, what? Brilliant! Check out the trailer above and get excited, a whole new season of Sleepy Hollow is coming our way next week.

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Disneyland Will Introduce New Star Wars Rides, Experiences, Meet & Greets And More During ‘Season Of The Force’

Last month, in mid-August, Disney announced the forthcoming construction of Star Wars Land attractions inside the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA and inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL which is set to get underway in 2016. Yesterday, Disney announced news that some parts of Disneyland will be closed so that construction of Star Wars Land could begin … and they also announced the debut of something called Season of the Force inside the theme park. Season of the Force will be focused primarily in Tomorrowland and will feature new meet and greet opportunities with Star Wars characters, new rides (like Hyperspace Mountain), new experiences (like the Star Wars Launch Bay) and more! So while the back part of the park will be closed while Star Wars Land is being built, Disneyland will be offering fun NEW Star Wars experiences in other parts of the park to make up for it. Read on for all the known deets. More »

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Thursday Night Live

Again, I was planning to have a quiet night in after I finally got around to getting some (but not all) stuff done around the house. But, again, I got a call from a friend who was all, Let’s go out … and I was all, OK! My friend Austin (who really deserves a medal or something for being the person who *finally* got me into the going out mood again after far too long away) was up for going out for a drink or two … which then led to a late night visit to Amoeba Music and then an even later night dance session in West Hollywood. For various reasons, I’ve been well out of the WeHo scene for many years but it would appear that I am back … considering Austin has managed to get me out and about more in the past few weeks than I had been out in the past 5 years (or more). Hahah. More »


Les News, 092515

  • Pope Francis pays homage at the 9/11 Memorial in NYC [Buzzfeed]
  • • Wait, who painted the Mona Lisa? [PopSugar]
  • The Martian premieres in London [LaineyGossip]
  • Cristiano Ronaldo at rest [Socialite Life]
  • Troye Sivan has released a new music video [Idolator]
  • • UGH. [GossipCop]
  • • Are you ready for the weekend’s Super Moon lunar eclipse? [Towleroad]
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  • • Looking for an AirBnB to rent in Brooklyn? [Newser]
  • • First Lady Michelle Obama will guest star on Doc McStuffins [Global Grind]
  • Jordan Gavaris (Orphan Black) is 26, T.I. is 35, Catherine Zeta-Jones is 46, Will Smith is 47, Heather Locklear is 54, Mark Hamill is 64, Michael Douglas is 71 and Barbara Walters is 86 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.