Watch: Paula Abdul & James Corden Performed A Live Version Of Her Animated Music Video For ‘Opposites Attract’ On ‘The Late Late Show’ Last Night

They come together because Opposites Attract

For the past few months, newish late night talk show host James Corden has been trying out different bits on The Late Late Show on CBS to varying degrees of success but last night, I contend that he has outdone himself entirely … and has finally won a piece of my heart. Corden hosted Paula Abdul as one of his guests last night and the two of them recreated and performed live the animated music video for her hit 1989 single Opposites Attract. The video, as I HOPE you know, features Paula Abdul dancing with an animated rapping cat named MC Skat Kat. For their live recreation, James dressed as MC Skat Kat as Paula performed as Paula and … OMG … I just love this whole performance entirely! I fear that many of the youngsters out there may not be as familiar as they should with Paula Abdul‘s music and music videos, so it’s possible some of the younger folks out there may not understand how truly epic this tribute to Opposites Attract truly is. For the rest of us who know and love Paula‘s song and music video, I know this live performance of the song will be real treat for you. Check out Paula and James‘s tribute to Opposites Attract above and then click below to compare with the original music video released back in 1989. More »

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Watch: Here Is Video Of Jaden Smith Speaking On Things

"I'm gonna be a divergent thinker"

Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, is featured in a new video produced by MSFTSrep where he is allowed to pontificate on pretty much any errant thought that passes through his brain as the camera rolls. The clip starts out with Jaden answering the question, What is a MSFT (misfit) and he goes off from there. Honestly, the subjects he touches on in this video are much more lucid than many of his previous ramblings but even still, I’m not entirely sure what he is talking about at any given time. If you would like to hear Jaden Smith speak Jaden Smith things in his own words then this video is for you. Have a look … and become enlightened.

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Prince George, Future King Of England, Turns 2 Years Old

It’s hard to believe but Prince George, the eldest child of Prince William and Kate Middleton — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will turn 2 years old tomorrow (or today, if it’s already today in the UK … which I’m never sure about because Europe is always so far in the future to us here on the West Coast). His little sister, Princess Charlotte, has been getting all the attention latelywhat with her being born and all — but now that the spotlight is off her for a minute, we can focus on the 2 year old prince. It seems like only yesterday that we heard that Wills and Kate were pregs with their first child and now, here we are, 2 years later and 2 babies. To celebrate George‘s birthday, the royal family has released an official new photo of the prince which was shot by famed photographer Mario Testino because, hello, this is how the royals do. Check out Prince George‘s super cute birthday photo below. More »

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‘The New York Times Magazine’ Chronicles The Way Taye Diggs Is Transforming ‘Hedwig And The Angry Inch’

In May we learned that Broadway actor Taye Diggs will be returning to the Great White Way this year as the next star to take the lead in the new production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. In June, we got our first look at the actor in make-up for the role. Today, courtesy of The New York Times Magazine, we get an amazing behind the scenes look at Taye as he prepares to “transform” the role when he takes over next month. NYT photographer Ryan Pfluger was given access to rehearsals for the show and he expertly captures Diggs as he prepares for the role. Taye confesses that he assumed that they would never cast a Black man as Hedwig, which is something I think many people assumed. Personally, tho, I am so excited that he is going to become the new Hedwig becuase, OMG, he is going to KILL the role. Click through the gallery to see these amazing photos from the NYT and head HERE to read the article in full.

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First Look: Pixar Releases An Official Trailer For ‘The Good Dinosaur’

Boy meets Dino

Back in early June, we got our first look at the first teaser trailer for the forthcoming Pixar animated film The Good Dinosaur, set to hit theaters around Thanksgiving. Today we get to see the just-released first full-length trailer for Dinosaur. See, I can’t say that I’m all jazzed to see this … which is odd because I really love Pixar films. That being said, I was unimpressed with the promo for Inside Out before I saw it and was very plesantly surprised by how much I loved the movie. Hopefully, I will love The Good Dinosaur just as much. Click the embed above to see what you think of this new Pixar film. Does it look like something you’re excited to see? The Good Dinosaur opens in theaters on November 25.

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Swimming Along

Sooooo … I’ve been staying with Emma and Josh for about a week now, as construction continues in my apartment. Because of the construction dust all over everything, I cannot really be in my place until work is complete and the place can be cleaned. As such, my amazing friends have opened their home to me graciously and happily. I cannot even tell you how much Emma, Josh and Duke mean to me … they are like family, I just love them. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been able to get into the family routine … playing with Duke in the morning, doing an afternoon activity with him, evening dance parties … it’s been fun. So much so that I know I’m going to miss him (well, them but mostly him) when I leave). Yesterday, Duke had a swimming class … and I was lucky enough to tag along. More »


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Pump The Breaks: Lucy Lawless Says The ‘Xena’ Reboot Is ‘Just A Rumor’

Yesterday we learned that NBC has started early planning for a reboot of the ’90s fantasy series Xena: Warrior Princess, which delighted many fans of the original series … and likely frightened others. BUT, before we get all excited about this reboot of Xena, I think it would behoove us to take a step back and not get too excited just yet. Lucy Lawless posted a message on her official Twitter profile shortly after the Xena reboot news was announced to maintain that the show’s revival is “just a rumor” at this point. According to her, there is nothing to pin our hopes on … yet. Click below to read Lucy‘s tweet about the alleged Xena reboot and speculate along with me about what this might mean for a possible return of the Warrior Princess. More »

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Here Is Our First Look At The New Dr. Seuss Book ‘Which Pet Should I Get?’

Back in February, we learned of the discovery of a previously unknown book by Dr. Seuss titled What Pet Should I Get? As you may recall, it was reported that this book was found back in 2013 by the author Ted Geisel‘s widow Audrey in a box of papers and sketches. What Pet Should I Get? will be released next Tuesday July 28 but today, courtesy of Buzzfeed, we get a first look at the new children’s book. What Pet features the same brother and sister characters from Seuss‘s classic One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, which means it was written somewhere between 1958 and 1962 (One Fish was published in 1960). Click below to get your first look at this unearthed treasure and get excited, for a new Dr. Seuss masterpiece is finally upon us. More »

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Watch: This ‘Clueless’ Parody Starring ‘The Golden Girls’ Will Give Your Life New Meaning

'Clueless' starring 'The Golden Girls'

Way back in 1996, MTV got Estelle Getty, Betty White and Rue McClanahan to participate in a parody of Clueless for the MTV Movie Awards. All these years later, that parody video has come to light to find new life online. I have a vague recollection of watching this parody take place when it originally aired live back in the mid-’90s but I surely had forgotten all about it until PINTB reader Adrienne reminded me that it existed. As you can see in the low quality video embed above, the Golden Girls recreated key moments of the movie quite well … and very hilariously. I mean, how funny is Estelle Getty talking about how she needs to get laid? Clueless may have just turned 20 years old but it remains the gift that keeps on giving. Please enjoy.

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