First Look: Meet The Cast Of ‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood Vs. Water’

Meet the Cast

We are just about a month away from the premiere of a new season of Survivor on CBS and today we get to meet the cast of 18 people who will compete on the new season of Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water. As you may know, Survivor did a Blood vs. Water season before (pitting teams of loved ones against one another in the game) and because that season was so successful, they’re doing it again. As I understand it, there were supposed to be two same-sex couples in the mix this time but a pair of women had to pull out of the show due to a medical emergency (the pair of same-sex men are in the game). Click the embed above to meet the 9 teams of players this season and get ready, Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water will premiere on CBS on September 24.

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Rihanna Took A Selfie With An Erupting Volcano

Rihanna is currently living the fabulous life on the high seas off the coast of Italy, as is evident by a couple of selfie photos that she shared on her official Twitter profile last night. While chillin’ on a yacht, Rihanna sailed up to active volcano Stromboli to snap a couple photos as hot lava poured out of the volcano’s mouth. Apparently, this is something that Rihanna has had on her bucket list for some time. Check out the sweet photos below. More »

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Watch: ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Takes The Spotlight With Its Latest Video Teaser

Swing by if you dare

Earlier this week we got to see the first TWO video teasers for the upcoming new season of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Today we get to see the just-released third teaser. In the same vein as the earlier teasers, this new video does a great job reminding us that the freak show world of American Horror Story is a disturbing one. Are you ready? AHS: Freak Show premieres on FX on October 8.

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Back To The Old House

Das it. I’m done. Yesterday was my absolute and final last day in my old place. In my mind, I envisioned that yesterday would be a breeze but, in fact, it turned out to be a bit of an ordeal but thankfully, it’s all finished now. Out of the Closet came by my old place to pick up some furniture for donation as well as boxes of books, bags of clothing, toys, shoes, etc. I figured the pick-up might take an hour max … it actually took much longer due to logistical problems. Then, I had to stick around for the cleaners to come by and tidy things up before I hand over the keys. It’s official, my time living on Kings Road in West Hollywood are dunzo. More »


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  • Mario is 28, Aaron Paul is 35, Mase is 37, Tony Kanal of No Doubt is 44 and Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman is 62 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch: Homer Simpson Accepts The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In The Most Amazing Way Possible

"I challenge Flanders, Lenny and Flanders again ..."

Thus far there have been GADS of really great Ice Bucket Challenge videos making the rounds (the one we saw yesterday of Henry Cavill dressed in costume as Superman was a pretty damn good one, I think) and today … we get to see two more really great ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos. First up, you can click above to watch Homer Simpson accept The Ice Bucket Challenge in the most Simpsons way possible. It’s fun, believe me. Next, click below to watch the cutest little British girl accept the Ice Bucket Challenge which has the BEST ending of any challenge video that I’ve seen yet. Brilliant. Please enjoy both videos and MAKE A DONATION to the ALS Association!! More »

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Zara Attempted To Sell Pajamas That Look Frighteningly Similar To Concentration Camp Pajamas

Ugh. Spanish clothier Zara really stepped into a pile of mess last week when they unveiled a t-shirt for sale that read White is the new Black. Today we learn that they followed up with that horrible faux pas with something, IMHO, way worse. Zara listed for sale a pajama top meant for babies that looked horrifyingly similar to the striped pajamas that Jews were forced to wear in German concentration camps in the 1940s. The striped pajamas emblazoned with a yellow Star of David is an image that anyone with any passing knowledge of the atrocities of the Jewish holocaust would well recognize … except for the folks at Zara. Click below to see a side-by-side comparison of the almost-matching pajamas and read what Zara had to say in apology. More »

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Watch: Justin Bieber Covers ‘Ring Of Fire’ By Johnny Cash

Justin Bieber managed to make it thru a day without having the police called on him (well, since we last heard about the police being called on him) but after you watch the video below, you may want to file a police report for crimes against the humanities. JB posted a short video on his official Instagram profile that is likely to anger quite a few Johnny Cash fans. In the video, Bieber and his BFF Khalili Sharieff (the guy he got arrested with back in January for allegedly drag racing in Miami, FL) perform a short cover of Cash‘s iconic song Ring of Fire. You know you want to hear it below, right? More »

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Kanye West Reveals That His Father Was A Paparazzi Photographer

Earlier this month we learned that Kanye West was deposed in the on-going civil lawsuit that was brought against him by a paparazzi photographer that alleges that West assaulted him at LAX Airport (you may recall that we saw photos last year that seem to confirm the photog’s allegation). In his depo, Kanye tried to liken the “struggle” that celebrities face with the actual struggle that people endured during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Ugh. Today we learn new information from West‘s deposition … we learn that Kanye actually has respect for some paparazzi photographers and we also learn that his father was a paparazzo himself. Waitaminute, say what?! More »

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Watch: For Some Reason ESPN Reports On Michael Sam’s Locker Room Showering Habits

"Sam is respecting our space"

Michael Sam, the first openly gay player in the NFL, is currently hard at work training with his team the St. Louis Rams as they prepare for the forthcoming new football season and was the subject of a “news report” on ESPN‘s SportsCenter yesterday. For some reason, the folks at ESPN thought it would make a good “news report” to focus on Michael Sam‘s locker room showering habits. You see, as an openly gay man, it is important — ESPN believed — to let the world know if/how/when/etc. Michael Sam (a gay man) showers or doesn’t shower with his fellow teammates (presumably straight men). Click the embed above to watch the “news report” in full.

After the segment aired, ESPN was inundated with complaints over the “news report” to the point where ESPN decided to apologize today for airing the segment. You can read their apology below. More »

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