The Trailer For The Duplass Brothers’ ‘Animals’ Cartoon Will Blow Ya Mind


Are you freakin’ kidding me? Mark and Jay Duplass have done it again. Only this time it’s an HBO cartoon about what animals do when no humans are around, and now you can see the trailer! If you think it sounds like the kids movie, The Secret Life Of Pets, you’re probably right. Although this is called Animals., and it looks just a bit more R rated. So the question you’re all asking: which animal does Mark Duplass play? The Bedbug, DUH! Who else is in the cast? EVERYONE. DUH. I mean, Wanda Sykes, Aziz Ansari, Jon Lovitz, Nick Kroll, Molly Shannon, Jenny Slate, Danny McBride…and so so so many more. I can’t even…I have to breathe. More »

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Watch: Wonder Woman Is Definitely The Best Part Of The New ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Trailer

Wonder Woman in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice'

March 25th is coming for you, hard! Warner Brothers gave us another look at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice today, and yes, it’s just as grim and dark as you would expect it to be. And has less humor than the previous trailer. But it does have Wonder Woman very carefully putting away her luggage on a Turkish Airlines flight (one of the movie’s sponsors) and I say without any irony, that was my favorite part. Okay, so I did also enjoy Henry Cavill in his Clark Kent get up, but that’s more of an aesthetic thing. First watch the trailer, then let’s chat. More »

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Here’s Everything Coming And Going From Netflix In February, So Hurry Up And Binge!

Doctor Who

Netflix bringeth, and Netflix taketh away. By now we’re all used to the fact that every month things we love and things we hate come and go from Netflix. Although I will say that this February’s latest goodbyes are a bit harder for me, as the streaming service doesn’t seem to be renewing its licensing agreement with the BBC, which means we have to say “goodbye” to all of Doctor Who. Where will I turn now when I need my 10th Doctor fix at 1 AM? YouTube? It’s not all bad news, though. Teen Witch is coming February 1st! More »

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Les News, 012516

Dirty Grandpa
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ICYMI: ‘SNL’ Parodies The Whole #OscarsSoWhite Controversy In Most Hilarious Way

Let's hear it for "All the White Guys"!

Well, of course Saturday Night Live would poke fun at the current hullabaloo over the 2016 Oscars’ all-white nominees list, the second year in a row there has been a total lack of diversity. In the sketch, nominees like “White Man with a Camera” or “Unseen Voice on the Phone” are the ones being honored instead of their more deserving black co-stars. Oh, and at the very end of the skit, the announcer tells audiences to stay tuned, because the award for “Best Male Director” will be announced shortly. Yep, diversity isn’t the only problem in the Hollywood movie-making machine. Still, laughing about it with SNL is fine with me. I have a feeling I’ll also be laughing when Oscars host Chris Rock takes the stage on February 28. One of the Oscars producers said Rock was rewriting his opening monologue to address the controversy, but Rock’s rep told the Hollywood Reporter on Monday nothing has been finalized. Stay tuned!

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It Looks Like Rihanna Has Finally Finished Her ‘ANTi’ Album

For real, this time! Rihanna hinted on Twitter today that her highly-anticipated upcoming album, ANTi, is finally ready. It took long enough! However, we shouldn’t get too excited because we all know that she’s been playing with our heart strings for a couple of months now. The singer shared a selfie on Monday morning captioned, “Listening to Anti.” That could only mean one thing right? It’s ready. Because we all know you can’t listen to an album that does exist. BUT, who knows with her. We’ve been burned too many times to believe the album’s anywhere close to release. More »

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OMG! Here Is The First Photo Of The ‘Friends’ Reunion

This is also photographic proof that a Friends reunion is actually happening! The cast (minus Matthew Perry) reunited for an incredible picture with The Big Bang Theory stars — and yes it’s as amazing as it sounds. If you’re both a Friends fan and a Big Bang fan then you’re life is complete from here on out. The photo, shared by actors Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco, featured the famous Friends alums, including Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Monica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), David Schwimmer (Ross) and Matt LeBlanc (Joey) all together again! More »

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Watch Lady Gaga’s Emotional Performance Of ‘Til It Happens To You’ From The PGA Awards

Lady Gaga

Lada Gaga performed yesterday at the 2016 Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) Awards, and it was a pretty emotionally gripping. She played “Til It Happens To You,” from the movie, The Hunting Ground, which she co-wrote with Diane Warren. Before starting the song, she explained the her father’s sister had been sexually assaulted in college. She said, “It tormented her so emotionally that it caused the lupus that she had to get so bad that she died.”  She continued, “It affected my family really tremendously.” Wow. Is it possible to be in tears before a song even starts? Gaga then sang the shit out of the song, hitting some crazy high notes, multiple times. More »

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The Academy Is Trying To Make Amends For Being White AF


So there’s news on the #OscarsSoWhite front. According to RollingStone, The Academny of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences had a unanimous vote to make “historic changes” to its membership, due to complaints of the lack of diversity amongst nominees, and boycotts from many industry folk. USA Today reports that in 2012 it was found that 94% of Oscar voters were white, and 77% male. Are you really surprised? Well as a part of the Academy’s changes it promises to double its number of women and minority members by 2020. 

Okay, so that’s something, right? More »

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Watch: You Will Probably Cry Watching This Gorgeous Ballet To Adele ‘All I Ask’

Adele 'All I Ask' ballet
Maybe grab a tissue

At least I cried. And there’s a very good chance you will too when you see the breathtaking ballet choreographed by Will B. Bell above. Dancers Dj Smart and Zola Williams are totally stunning in the piece, where it feels like they’re taking turns with the role of Adele, as it were. “All I Ask” is definitely one of the more heartbreaking songs on her album 25 (especially if you’ve just been broken up with and spent your last night with that person), and this piece totally captures that feeling. If Adele wants to release a music video for “All I Ask” she should just use this. Watch it above, and let me know if you got as emotional as I did. 

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