Taylor Swift & Friends Slay LA At The Staples Center

Last night, at long last, I finally got to see Taylor Swift in concert and now I can honestly say that I understand what all of the hubbub is about. Taylor has set a new record for the most sold out nights at the Staples Center here in LA at one time (5 days) and last night was her 4th of 5 sold out performances. I luckily managed to procure a ticket for the show and was able to partake in the celebration with a bunch of very excited Los Angelinos. The show as over the top and really fun, I was very happy to be in attendance. More »

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Les News, 082615

  • • Newsreporters Alison Parker and Adam Ward were shot and killed live on air this morning, everything is awful [Buzzfeed]
  • Carrie Underwood drops a new music video [PopSugar]
  • • Here is the movie poster for Suffragette [LaineyGossip]
  • • The Honest Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road [Socialite Life]
  • • A new Adele album this fall? [Idolator]
  • • A racist will reportedly compete on Dancing with the Stars [GossipCop]
  • • I love Engineering [Towleroad]
  • • Teen Woof [Oh La La]
  • • Happy National Dog Day [Queerty]
  • • Passive-Aggressive college dorm room signs [Ranker]
  • • The Colorado Movie Theater terrorist is sentenced to life in prison [Newser]
  • Janet Jackson pays homage to Aaliyah [Global Grind]
  • Macaulay Culkin is 35, Melissa McCarthy is 45, Adrian Young of No Doubt is 46, Shirley Manson of Garbage is 49, Branford Marsalis is 55 and Valerie Simpson of Ashford and Simpson is 70 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Burger King Proposes A Joint Burger Venture With McDonald’s, McDonald’s Says Nah

Fast food giant Burger King took out a full page ad in The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune today in an effort to solicit fast food GOD McDonald’s with a proposal that the two companies join forces to create a joint burger called the McWhopper in honor of Peace One Day. In what would absolutely constitute a major advertising coup for Burger King, the proposal suggests that the two companies collaborate on a special burger that would bring the fast food rivals together in “peace” … and commerce. Burger King‘s thirst for this proposal is so huge that they even offered up mock packaging for the McWhopper. Unfortunately for BK, McDonald’s isn’t at all interested in this proposal. The CEO of McD’s posted a response to BK on their official Facebook profile that basically says Thaaaaaaanks … but no thanks, don’t bother us publicly in this manner, go away, bye. Click below to see this back and forth exchange between these two fast food companies and learn more about the McWhopper — which will never come to be. More »

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Kurt Sutter Is Developing A ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spin-Off Series For FX

Earlier this month we learned from series creator Kurt Sutter that FX is still very much interested in producing a prequel series to Sons of Anarchy which may air on the network some time in the future (after Sutter‘s new FX series The Bastard Executioner gets settled on the network). Today, tho, we learn that another Sons of Anarchy series may come to FX sooner than the SoA prequel. Sutter reveals that he is developing a SoA spin-off series that will focus on the rival motorcycle club The Mayans, who were featured on Sons of Anarchy. At this early stage, there aren’t a lot of concrete details about this possible show but we do have enough info for SoA fans to get excited about. More »

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‘Entertainment Weekly’ Welcomes You To The Hotel Cortez In ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

The cast of American Horror Story: Hotel is featured on the cover and in the pages of this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, with it’s new lead star Lady Gaga front and center. The new season of the show is the focus of this issue and as you can see in the gallery presented here, we get our first look at the various characters who will be introduced and featured on the show. Ryan Murphy tells EW magazine that this season of AHS will have a different tone without Jessica Lange as the lead actress but he promises that it will still be American Horror Story. Click through the gallery to see actors like Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates, Naomi Campbell, Max Greenfield, Evan Peters and more in character as they will appear on AHS: Hotel and then click below to learn more about the storyline of the show, direct from creator Ryan Murphy himself. More »

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Watch: Here Is The Second Teaser For ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ On Starz

"Well that sucked pretty hard"

Back in May, we got our first look at the first teaser released for the new Starz original TV series Ash Vs. Evil Dead and today we get to see the just-released second teaser for the series. Ash Vs. Evil Dead is a sequel series of sorts to the original Evil Dead and Army of Darkness films that made Bruce Campbell a star. As you can see in the teaser embedded above, this new series will feature the same humor and silly gore that has made the Evil Dead franchise a beloved cult classic. Have a look at this teaser and see how many times it makes you laugh. I’m really looking forward to this new series, which will appropriately premiere on Starz on Hallowe’en.

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Morrissey Will Publish His Debut Novel In September

Singer/songwriter Morrissey made his publishing debut with the release of his Autobiography back in October of 2013 (which broke sales records in the UK). In early 2014, we learned that Moz was already hard at work on his first novel which was believed would be released by years end. Today we learn from Morrissey himself that his novel is finally ready for release and will be published by Penguin Books in late September. According to the official statement published on Morrissey‘s semi-official website True To You, the novel is titled List of the Lost. Click below to learn all the info that has been made available about Morrissey‘s new book. More »

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The Cast & Crew Of ‘Ghostbusters’ Proudly Puts Their GIRL POWER! On Display

Ever since the all-female cast reboot of Ghostbusters was announced, the film has attracted more than its fair share of haters and naysayers. Earlier today, actress Melissa McCarthy shared a photo on her official Twitter profile snapped on the set of Ghostbusters that features the women who make up the cast and the crew of the reboot film in a proud display of Girl Power! As you can see below, the Ghostbusters cast are front and center holding up a a banner and they are surrounded by many (if not all) of the women who are working behind the scenes on this new Ghostbusters movie. It’s a really remarkable photo, check it out below. More »

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Carly Rae Jepsen Celebrates ‘E•MO•TION’ At The Troubadour In West Hollywood

Last night I made my way to The Troubadour in West Hollywood for an intimate concert performance by Carly Rae Jepsen in celebration of the release of her new album E•MO•TION. I am so impressed by her new album, I can’t even tell you. E•MO•TION is such a perfect pop album, I can’t even stand it. When I heard that she would be performing some of the songs from her new album at the Troubadour, I knew I had to attend. It turns out that almost all of the gays in West Hollywood and Lorde decided to attend as well. The show was so much fun, it was the perfect way to kick off a great new week. More »

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Les News, 082515

  • • This is why you should never count your chickens before they hatch [Buzzfeed]
  • Selena Gomez gives us way TMI about her relationship with Justin Bieber [PopSugar]
  • Katherine Heigl is going to give TV another try [LaineyGossip]
  • • It’s OK Zac Efron, no one remembers High School Musical anymore [Socialite Life]
  • Carrie Underwood announces her next album [Idolator]
  • • The Lohans are going after reality TV show fame [GossipCop]
  • • THIS is how church should be [Towleroad]
  • • Oh hai there, gingie [Oh La La]
  • • How to be a Model [Queerty]
  • • Secret Service code names [Ranker]
  • • The Stock Market is back up [Newser]
  • Serena Williams‘s friends are trying to warn her about Drake [Global Grind]
  • Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) is 28, Rachel Bilson (The O.C.) is 34, Claudia Schiffer is 45, Blair Underwood is 51, Billy Ray Cyrus is 54, Tim Burton is 57, Elvis Costello is 61, Rob Halford of Judas Priest is 64, Gene Simmons of Kiss is 66, Tom Skerritt is 82, Sean Connery is 85 and Monty Hall is 94 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.