Watch: Britney Spears SHINES BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND In A New Interview With ‘Good Morning America’

"It's very romantic, very vintage"

HO-LEE SHIZZ! Our dear Britney Spears made her way to NYC this week to do massive promo for her new lingerie line The Intimate Collection and we’ve got the video to prove it. Not only did Britney make an appearance at the New York Fashion Week launch event for The Intimate Collection at the New York Public Library yesterday but she also made an appearance on The Tonight Show last night and on Good Morning America earlier today. The video above is from GMA and as you can see, it’s the best interview that Britney has given about anything IN YEARS. Ack. I damn near weeped at the perfection of this interview. You have to watch … repeatedly. And keep an eye out for when Britney starts talking about NEW MUSIC!! Then, click below to watch Britney on The Tonight Show last night and find out the Pros and Cons of Dating Britney Spears. More »

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Good News

I successfully made my way to Detroit early yesterday so that I could visit my dad in the hospital, where he is recuperating this week. Despite assurances by my mom that he was fine, I was worried the entire time it took me to get home to see him … so you can imagine my relief when I walked into his hospital room and heard him laughing with the on duty nurse. I was afraid he was going to look pale and haggard but he looked and sounded fine, which was exactly why I needed to fly across the country to see him :) My mom and I spent a few hours with him yesterday until he was ready to rest so, yeah, my Tuesday was a great day. More »


Les News, 091014

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Watch: It’s ‘Hunt Or Be Hunted’ In The Second Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5

"They don't get to live"

Back in July we got our first look at the first trailer for the forthcoming new season of The Walking Dead and today we get to check out the just-released second trailer for the show. This new trailer features mostly new footage from TWD season 5 and as you can see above, things are going to get bloody and complicated and GOOOOOOOD when The Walking Dead returns next month. When things ended in the season 4 finale episode, it looked like our Walking Dead faves were in deep doo … and from the look of this new trailer, they will manage to extricate themselves from danger so that they can exact revenge. No zombies required, there’s enough drama among the living characters on the show to keep things interesting. The Walking Dead season 5 will premiere on AMC on October 12. Are you ready?

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Taylor Swift & Katy Perry Are Reportedly Feuding Over John Mayer

For some time now, there have been rumors going around that Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have been experiencing some bad blood ever since Katy started dating John Mayer … after he dated Taylor Swift. As you may recall, things ended so badly between Taylor and John that she wrote a song about the couple’s failed relationship, which bummed out John exceedingly (he reportedly fired back with a song about Taylor Swift, too). When Katy started dating John, it has been said, the friendship between Taylor and Katy ended. Today we learn that there may be some credence to those rumors because in her new cover story interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor confirms that she wrote a new song titled Bad Blood about a “straight-up enemy” that is supposedly Katy Perry. Katy posted a tweet yesterday that seems to confirm the feud … and here we are, with two incredibly talented and successful women fighting in the public eye over a douchebag ex-boyfriend. Ugh. WHY?! More »

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Watch: Justin Bieber Got BOOED When He Stripped Down To His Underwear During The ‘Fashion Rocks’ Concert Last Night

"Is that better?"

Justin Bieber appeared on stage during the Fashion Rocks concert/fashion show which aired on CBS last night and as you can see in the video embedded above, he stripped down to his underwear in the process. JB was there last night to introduce a performance by Rita Ora and he decided to drop trou (and everything else) to show off the Calvin Klein Underwear he was wearing underneath. As you can hear in the video, Bieber was drowned out by boos from the crowd … which, eventually, turned to cheers. You can click below to watch another video of JB‘s onstage strip show at Fashion Rocks to hear more boos from the crowd. More »

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Joan Rivers May Have Died Due To A Screw-Up At The Medical Center

Now that Joan Rivers has been sent off to her eternal resting place by the family and friends that loved her dearly, questions remain over what may have caused her death. As you may know, Joan stopped breathing while she was undergoing a throat procedure at a medical center in NYC. Today we are hearing of the possibility that a mistake made during the procedure may have resulted in the circumstances that eventually led to her death. A full investigation into Joan‘s death is being conducted right now but reported details from the case are making their way online. More »

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Apple Introduces The Apple Watch

The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were the main attraction at yesterday’s Apple event in Cupertino, CA but there was also another big introduction at the event — the Apple Watch. For years now, folks have been wondering when Apple might jump into the world of wearable tech and yesterday, we finally got our answer. Set for release in early 2015 (which seems silly since they will be missing out on the Xmas shopping season), the Apple Watch aims to revolutionize the way we see and wear time. Designed to provide more information than just telling time, the Apple Watch will attempt to get everyone to start wearing watches again. There are a lot of neat functions of the watch (iPhone integration, Siri accessibility, ANIMATED EMOJIS! and more) but I’m most interested in the Sport Watch model. As a runner, I’m always looking for ways to better monitor my progress during and after a run. If this Watch turns out to be half as cool as it looks and sounds, I’m sold. I don’t know about you but I think Apple might get me to start wearing a watch more regularly … and for the first time in many, many years. Does the Apple Watch sound like something YOU gotta have and wear?

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Apple Unveils The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus In Glorious Apple Fashion

During their annual September event, Apple announced the release of the newest model of their iPhone line of mobile phones. Because of massive leaks of information for weeks now, much of the event yesterday was unsurprising for those of us who have been sniffing around for information about the iPhone 6. But Apple managed to keep a few details close to the vest for unveiling yesterday. Two models of the iPhone 6 will be released on September 19 — the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. Both phones will come with greatly upgraded hardware and both phones will feature Apple Pay — which is a way they can be used to make credit card purchases. A new era of the iPhone is nearly upon us. More »

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Watch: Britney Spears Releases Her Lingerie Line ‘The Intimate Collection’ At New York Fashion Week

The Ambrosia Collection

Our dear Britney Spears made her way to New York Fashion Week yesterday to formally release her new lingerie line The Intimate Collection at an event that was held at the New York Public Library. Ahead of the fashion show event, Britney released a first promo video for the line, which you can watch in full above. As you can see and hear, Britney recites a poem to promote the Ambrosia Collection — which is one of the collections available in her Intimate Collection. So many collections. Check out the video above then click below to see Britney at her NY Fashion Week launch of her new lingerie line yesterday. More »

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