FOX’s ‘Grease: Live’ Was Surprisingly Great, Don’t You Think?

Last night at 7 PM (PST) I was sitting in front of my TV, all ready to snark-watch FOX’s Grease: Live. I’m a huge fan of the original movie, and while I was never in a production of Grease, I know both the movie and the stage version really well. But I’ve got to admit, within 10 minutes of watching last night’s production, I had a hard time being snarky about anything. FOX wasn’t kidding when they said they wanted to raise the bar on the NBC live musicals, and directors Thomas Kail (of Hamilton fame) and Alex Rudzinski helped do just that. More »

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Kanye West Will Officially Premiere His Album ‘Waves’ At Madison Square Garden

Kanye West means business. The rapper will premiere his upcoming new album Waves at New York’s Madison Square Garden in New York City on Feb. 11 at 4 p.m. ET, and the show will be broadcast in select cinemas throughout the US and 25 countries! That means if you want to hear Yeezy’s new album first, you’ll have to buy a ticket. West announced the news on Twitter Monday after the event had been rumored for weeks! But the real question is…will you go? Or just wait for the album like normal folk? More »

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The Diversity Of The SAG Awards Showed Us What The Oscars Could Be

SAG Awards

With all of the #OscarsSoWhite drama circulating over the past month, it was refreshing to see the diversity amongst last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) winners. Uzo Aduba won Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Comedy Series for Orange Is The New Black, Viola Davis won for her dramatic role in How To Get Away With Murder, and Idris Elba won not one, but two awards! One  for his supporting role in Beasts Of No Nation, and one for Luther. Queen Latifah won for her role in Bessie as well. There’s no reason why amazing performances like those shouldn’t be acknowledged, so I think everyone’s happy that SAG wasn’t only representing white actors. I mean, they showed us how a 2016 awards show should play out, although that’s not to say that there couldn’t be improvements. More »

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Gina Rodriguez Gave Her Golden Globes Dress To A Fan To Wear To Prom Like A Hero

Gina Rodriguez

So this gal from Buffalo, NY, Jessica Casanova, was probably sitting at home on day, dreaming of her ideal prom dress, looking through photos of her favorite red carpet outfits. It was a long shot, but she decided to tweet Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin, mentioning she would love to wear the dress she wore to this year’s Golden Globes. What happened? Gina responded. “Where do you live? I only own my first Globes dress the one from last year…maybe we can make this happen,” she tweeted. UMMMM…WHAT? A. This never happens. B. Gina Rodriguez is the coolest. She could easily have not gone through the trouble, as I’m sure people tweet stuff at her all the time. But she did. More »

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A 17-Year-Old Made His Own BB-8 And Our Minds Are Blown


Um, so this kid was like, screw the toys from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I’m going to make my own freakin’ BB-8. And, despite the fact that Sphero already has a model, that is what he did. Entertainment Weekly reports that Angelo Casimiro, 17, built his own fully functioning BB-8. The thing has a moving head, too, and he can control it with his phone. Kids these days, making the rest of us feel completely incompetent. Angelo used an inflatable beach ball for the body, and other household items for the rest of the features, including roll-on deodorant, newspaper, and magnets and chips to control it. It looks absolutely amazing too, and based on the video it works really well. Despite taking eons to make, Angelo says the cost of his version is $120, as opposed to $150 for the Sphero version.  More »

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The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival On Netflix Is Officially Official!

Gilmore Girls

Remember back in October of 2015 when we heard that a Gilmore Girls revival was coming to Netflix? Netflix, the producers and the shows stars didn’t confirm the news, but they didn’t exactly deny it either. But guess what! Today the news became official. Netflix and Warner Bros. Television confirmed that a Gilmore Girls revival will be making its way onto the streaming platform, although they have yet to specify a date. But we do know that creator/producer Amy Sherman-Palladino and producer Daniel Palladino are on board and will be writing and directing all of the Netflix episodes. Guys! I’m so excited right now! More »

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Watch Kaley Cuoco Go Full On Britney Spears For Lip Sync Battle

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco had a tough act to follow on last night’s episode of Lip Sync Battle. She had to follow Josh Gad‘s “I Touch Myself,” where he was donning a Donald Trump costume and boxers made of money. He even swung on a giant toupee wearing wrecking ball, straight up Miley Cyrus style. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing, and I wouldn’t expect Josh to pull something that is anything less than ridiculous.  I won’t spoil the end of that segment for you because it was just the icing on the cake. Then came Kaley. The Big Bang Theory star dropped down on stage on a vine, clad in Britney Spears‘ green butterfly top, grooving to “I’m A Slave 4 U.” More »

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Les News, 012916

Mariah Carey and James Packer
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  • Heather Graham is 46, Andrew Keegan is 37, Isabel Lucas is 31, Adam Lambert is 34, Sara Gilbert is 41, Sam Trammell is 47, Greg Louganis is 56, Tom Selleck is 71 and Oprah is 62. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Coldplay’s New Music Video, Featuring Beyoncé, Has A Totally Cool Bollywood Vibe

Sing it, Chris!

Coldplay released their latest music video “Hymn for the Weekend,” the second song off Coldplay’s new album A Head Full of Dreams, and it’s a very catchy tune, particularly with Beyoncés vocals included in the mix. Frontman Chris Martin walks around the streets of Mumbai, as kids throw colored powder everywhere, then sits in a movie theater to watch Queen Bey work her Bollywood magic. She looks something fierce in this, wow. So gorgeous. Finally, Martin and the boys jam on the water’s edge, in front of a bay of colorful boats. Definitely makes you want to visit Mumbai. Watch above! This comes out a week before Coldplay is set to perform for the halftime show at Super Bowl 50, and Bey will be there. Just for the record, her halftime show a few years ago was absolutely one of the best. Ever. 

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Kim Basinger To Play Christian Grey’s Former Lover In ‘Fifty Shades Darker’

Watch out Anastasia Steele! Kim Basinger landed a role in the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel Fifty Shades Darker! That’s right, the Oscar winner is set to play Mrs. Robinson a.k.a Elena Lincoln, a business partner and former lover of Christian Grey. In case you didn’t know, in the first movie, Christian admits he lost his virginity to Elena when she seduced him back in the day. She’s also the first person who introduced him into the world of S&M! More »

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