‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Will Be 10 Episodes Long

Earlier this month we learned the happy news that Marvel‘s Agent Carter has been renewed for a second season and will be set in Los Angeles, CA. Today we learn more happy news about one of, IMHO, the best TV shows to premiere last season. Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell herself has revealed that season 2 will be 10 episodes long, which is 2 episodes longer than season 1 was … which means that we are getting even more Agent Carter than we thought! Wee!! More »

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Watch: Mariah Carey’s Just-Launched Las Vegas Residency Is Already On Hiatus

So, um, yeah … Mariah Carey *just* kicked off her live concert residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, LV and over the weekend, she performed her last show until July. That’s right, Mimi‘s LV concert residency show is already on hiatus. You may recall that MC was forced to cancel her second weekend of shows recently due to illness so not only has her concert residency barely gotten started but some of the limited shows she was scheduled to perform before she went on a month-long break didn’t even happen. Um, OK. In any event, Mariah posted a short video on her official Instagram profile thanking her fans, her lambs, for all the support they’ve given her over the very short amount of time that she’s been a Las Vegas performer. More »

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Watch: This New ‘Hannibal’ Featurette Reveals That The Red Dragon Will Appear In Season 3

"It's a completely new 'Hannibal'"

NBC has released a new video featurette for the upcoming new season of Hannibal that features new scenes from the show, interviews with the main cast and the revelation that the infamous Red Dragon character will be introduced in season 3. For some time now, there has been speculation as to when the Hannibal TV series might feature Francis Dolarhyde / The Red Dragon on the show and today we learn that he will be featured on the show this season … which is almost too good to be true. Hannibal, already, is a brilliant series. That we will get the Red Dragon storyline thrown into the mix as well in season 3 seems like an abundance of riches. Check out this First Look video featurette for Hannibal season 3 and GET SUPER EXCITED, the new season of the show will premiere in just over ONE WEEK on June 4.

BONUS: The official Hannibal Twitter account also shared a new TV trailer for the upcoming 3rd season, which YOU MUST WATCH below. More »

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‘New Girl’s Max Greenfield Has Joined The Cast Of ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

Back in February we learned that pop star Lady Gaga had been added to the cast of the upcoming season of American Horror Story: Hotel and in March, we got confirmation that Jessica Lang is officially leaving AHS for good and that Matt Bomer was upgraded to a series regular on the show. Since then, news about AHS: Hotel has been pretty sparse … until now. Ryan Murphy has announced on his official Twitter profile that New Girl star Max Greenfield has been added to the cast of AHS: Hotel … which is only the best news ever … and now means that I deffo have to watch the new season when it premieres on FX this fall. More »

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Watch: This Video Game Trailer For Batman: Arkham Knight Features Music Composed By Trent Reznor


Not content with being the musical mastermind of one of the greatest groups in modern music or being an Academy Award-winning film composer, Trent Reznor is now composing music for video game trailers … like this one for Batman: Arkham Knight. Reznor has LONG been a fan of video game composition. Back in the mid-’90s, Reznor composed an entirely original score for the Quake video game, years before anyone else was seriously paying attention to video game music composition. I LOVE that TR is now working on the Batman video games because, honestly, I can’t think of a better pairing. Check out the Be The Batman trailer above to hear a new version of the Nine Inch Nails song The Wretched adapted for this video game see how well Reznor‘s music works in the video game world of Batman.

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Matt Bomer Continues To Enjoy The Beaches Of Maui, HI — WHICH WORKS OUT REALLY NICELY FOR US

Last week we saw photos of Magic Mike XXL actor Matt Bomer enjoying a stroll along a beach in Maui, HI and, as you may recall, he was lookin’ pretty fine in the process. Today we learn not only that Matt is still holidaying in Maui but he is still very much enjoying himself at the beach. Today we get another batch of Magic Matt at the Beach photos but this time, homie is soaking wet … and lookin’ fine. Wet or not wet, Matt Bomber looks pretty great … click through the gallery to see if you think wetter is better in the case of Matt Bomer.

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Watch: Here Is Rihanna’s Short Film For Dior In Full

The night is dark and full of Dior

Last week Dior released their short film Secret Garden IV that features Rihanna as their new celebrity spokesmodel. At the time, I thought the clip was pretty short to be considered a short film … and I was right. The full length version of Secret Garden has just released and can be watched in full above. The clip, as you can see, is pretty fabulous … dark, mysterious. Rihanna will make a great spokesmodel for Dior, I mean, she’s already killing the game. Watch this longer version of Secret Garden by Dior and see if it makes you want to run outside in a ball gown to dance in the bright moonlight.

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Moz Disco

After my day excursion in Disneyland Friday and Saturday, I decided to kick it at home yesterday for Sunday Funday. I really felt a bit wrecked so it was nice to do nothing but lounge all day. I did end up going out last night for a bit of dancing with my friend Ashley at the Morrissey/The Smiths night at the Part Time Punks party at the Echoplex. Ashley and I have hung out at this Moz danceparty before so I knew we would have fun … and we did. Rest all day, dance all night … it was pretty perfect. More »


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The ‘Twin Peaks’ Reboot Series Will Be 18 Episodes Long

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we learned the VERY HAPPY news that director David Lynch finally settled his contract negotiations with Showtime and announced that he is coming back to helm the much-anticipated reboot of Twin Peaks as a limited sequel series. Until now, we weren’t sure just how “limited” the series would be. But today, we learn the very happy news that Twin Peaks will be back on TV with 18 new episodes all directed by David Lynch himself. This is absolutely the news that Twin Peaks fans have been waiting to hear … not only will Lynch be back to direct Twin Peaks but we will be getting more than the usual 13 episodes that come from most limited series. More »

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