“Throbbing Energy” FKA Twigs Talks Sexuality and Babies With Paper Magazine

FKA Twigs wants us to chill out a bit. Okay, she didn’t exactly say that to Paper  but she did share her modest perspective on her music with the magazine. While fans may overly obsess over the singer-artist-dancer, Twigs said “I’m happy that people can roll with me, give me a chance, and let me explain my songs through my visuals. But I don’t even like calling fans ‘fans.’ It’s like, ugh, fans. It’s just people that like your music.” How refreshing, a celebrity that isn’t consumed by their own ego.

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The Honest Trailer For ‘Aladdin’ Will Make You Question Everything From The Songs To The Star

The 'Aladdin' Honest Trailer
Hopefully it won't mess with your childhood

The good folks at Screen Junkies have done it again. And by “it” I mean taking something you loved as a child, say Peter Pan or Toy Story, and making you question every single thing about it with their Honest Trailers. Their latest victim? Disney’s classic, Aladdin. Or perhaps it should be renamed The Genie, because as the they point out, Aladdin is a really boring character compared to Robin Williams‘ hilarious creation. His “nonstop improvised riffing that made him everybody’s favorite part of the film, and every Disney animator’s worst nightmare.” Things really get interesting when you take a deeper look at the songs, too. “One Jump Ahead”? That’s just a song about how it’s okay to steal. “Prince Ali”? Skip it and take your kids to pee. Or how about the classic “A Whole New World”? I’m going to let you guys experience what that’s actually about when you watch the Honest Trailer above. It’s okay Aladdin, this won’t ruin how much I love you. Probably. 

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According To James Franco, ‘Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow Is Alive And Well And Planning Weddings

James Franco as Jon Snow in 'Making a Scene'

Don’t worry, that’s not an actual spoiler. That’s the premise of James Franco‘s latest sketch from Making a Scene: Jon Snow, Wedding Planner. He’s like Jennifer Lopez, but without the Matthew McConaughey. James and the gang give Game of Thrones a totally new, mockumentary type feel as we watch Jon Snow finally live his dream. “I couldn’t take anymore death and destruction. Or dragons,” he explained, “I retired from the Night’s Watch. I forsook my vows and have decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a wedding planner. I plan the most spectacular weddings in the realm.” Well, that’s one way to spend your time, Jon Snow. More »

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Les News, 100715

Demi Lovato
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  • Toni Braxton is 48, Shawn and Aaron Ashmore are 36, Thom Yorke is 47, Holland Roden is 29, Simon Cowell is 56, Tim Minchin is 40, Joy Behar is 73, Taylor Hicks is 39, John Mellencamp is 64 and Jake McLaughlin is 33. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch: Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Todrick Hall Get Pissed At Their Boyfriends

Mean Girls 2.0

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has teamed up with YouTube favorite Todrick Hall for a hilarious music video called “You Unfollowed Me.” It’s basically Mean Girls but if they had Twitter and Instagram. Joseph and Todrick get dressed up in drag to record a music video about two girls whose boyfriends unfollowed them on social media. Of course, that doesn’t go over so well. In the clip, we see the guys rocking some serious wig action and showing off their legs in some short skirts. Watch above! This is a whole new side of Joseph and we want MORE!

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Meet The Lucky 14-Year-Old Who’s Now Gets To Be A Disney Princess In ‘Moana’


We’ve been hearing about Disney’s newest animated feature Moana since all the way back in December of 2013. And now not only do we get some brand new artwork surrournding the sure to be awesome movie, we also get to meet 14-year-old Auli’i Cravalho of Oahu, the lucky girl who gets to put her own spin on the newest Disney princess. “From baby time to now, I wanted to be a Disney princess,” Auli’i told People Magazine, “and then I wanted to be a singer or an actress.” She caught the eye of an Oahu casting agent after singing in a charity competition and before she knew it she was off to Los Angeles and cast opposite Dwayne Johnson. So now she gets to be a princess, who acts and sings! More »

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Nicki Minaj Explains Why She Called Out Miley Cyrus At The VMAs

Nicki Minaj says she won’t apologize for calling out Miley Cyrus. The rapper finally broking her silence about their beef at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards during a new interview with the New York Times magazine. While accepting her award, Nicki had said, “This bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the press…Miley, what’s good?” Nicki was referring to what Miley said during her own interview with the New York Times in August. Now, Nicki is clearing things up.  More »

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IHOP Throws Some Massive Shade At McDonald’s As The Fast Food Joint Rolls Out Their All Day Breakfast Menu


It’s the feud we’ve all been waiting for! Step aside every other celebrity feud ever, because IHOP and McDonald’s are about to show you how it’s done. If you’ve spent anytime on the internet in the past month then I’m sure you know that today, October 6th, marks an important day in McDonald’s history: the start of all day breakfast. But as IHOP was quick to point out, they’ve been doing all day breakfast since the very start. What now, McDonald’s?  More »

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Watch Trevor Noah Slay Pro-Life GOP By Showing Their Nonchalant Attitude Toward Gun Violence

Trevor Noah Schools GOP

Hallelujah! Trevor Noah criticized Republicans who claim to be pro-life yet are impartial to gun laws on last night’s The Daily Show. I don’t know about you, but I’m still mourning the loss of Jon Stewart. However, Trevor sure is filling in those shoes pretty well. During the show, Trevor pointed out how radical the party’s pro-lifers are when it comes to talk about abortion. Trevor used a clip where Carly Fiorina trashed Planned Parenthood by using ridiculous “facts” to prove her point. The segment also showed clips from Jeb Bush defending his pro-life stance with a contrast clip of him being unconcerned with the Oregon shooting because you know, “stuff happens”. In the bit, Noah said “They just need to have a superhero’s total dedication to life. Right now they’re more like comic book collectors. Human life only holds value until you take it out of the package, and then it’s worth nothing.” Touche, Trevor. I look forward to more mockery of the wacky circus that is politics.

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Les News, 10062015

Pepsi Perfect
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  • Elisabeth Shue is 52, Olivia Thirlby is 29, Ioan Gruffudd is 42, Amy Jo Johnson is 45, Jeremy Sisto is 41, Will Butler is 33, Britt Ekland is 73, and Tommy Stinson is 49. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.