Listen: Someone Mashed-Up Taylor Swift’s Song ‘You Belong With Me’ With Calvin Harris’s Song ‘Outside’ And It Is Brilliant

Taylor & Calvin get Mashed-Up

An industrious fan came up with the brilliant idea to mash-up a Taylor Swift song with a Calvin Harris song and as you can hear above, it’s a perfect match. The mash-up embedded here features vocals from Taylor‘s song You Belong With Me with music from Calvin‘s song Outside and is aptly titled You Belong Outside. It’s pretty amazing how well the two songs go together … kinda like Taylor and Calvin‘s ongoing romance. This is what it sounds like when Taylvin make beautiful music together. Enjoy.

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GASP! Janet Jackson Is In LA Rehearsing For Her New World Tour RIGHT NOW!

SO, remember a couple of weeks ago when Janet Jackson came out of seclusion to announce that she will be releasing a new album and will be going on tour THIS YEAR? Well, it looks like rehearsals for JJ‘s tour have begun in earnest — Janet was spotted lookin’ supercute in her comfy dance rehearsal outfit here in LA TODAY at a dance studio. Now that Janet has made her way back to LA and has begun work on her new tour, we can FLIP THE SHIZZ OUT THAT JANET‘S PROMISE OF NEW MUSIC AND A NEW TOUR IS REALLY COMING TO FRUITION! AHHHHH!!! More »

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Lindsay Lohan Has Successfully Completed Her Probation From 2007

Way back in 2007, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for DUI and placed on probation. In the years since, her continued criminal behavior has extended her original probation punishment exponentially to the point that it seemed like she would be on probation forever. Today we learn, after 8 long years, that L. Lo has finally successfully completed the terms of her probation punishment and has at, long last, paid her debt to society. TMZ reports that it really came down to the wire as to whether or not Lindsay would successfully complete her community service hours in time but she did it … and now, she is totally free and clear of her past criminal behavior. More »

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Joe Manganiello Is Lookin’ Sharp As HELL In The New Issue Of ‘Details’ Magazine

Magic Mike XXL star Joe Manganiello is featured on the cover and in the pages of the June/July issue of Details magazine and as you can see in the gallery presented here … the man is lookin’ really damn good. To promote MMXXL, Joe‘s cover story interview is focused on advice on how one can get the perfect beach body and, of course, it would make sense to have Joe give the advice. Click through the gallery to see how sleek, stylish and perfectly groomed Joe is in his Details photospread (do try to NOT get insanely jealous of his fiancée Sofia Vergara in the process) and then click below to read excerpts from his feature interview. More »

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Les News, 052815

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  • Carey Mulligan & Colbie Caillat are 30, Jake Johnson (New Girl) is 37, Kylie Minogue is 47, Chris Ballew of Presidents of the United States of America is 50, John Fogerty is 70 and Gladys Knight is 71 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch: Tom Hardy Had The Perfect Response To A Sexist Question About ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Perfect response is Perfect

Video of a Cannes Film Festival panel discussion/press conference for Mad Max: Fury Road has come to light that shows a very small reporter from the Toronto Star newspaper asking actor Tom Hardy a very sexist question about the film. When Hardy was asked if (while reading the script for Fury Road) he ever thought “why are all these women in” this “man’s movie”, Tom gave the perfect/only answer he could give. The reporter prefaced his question by revealing that he has “five sisters, a daughter, a wife and a mother” so he knows what it’s like to be “outgunned by estrogen“, as if that would make him sound better? More intelligent? Funny? When, in actuality, his question made him look like a sexist asshole. Go to the 9:45 mark to watch this exchange and see how well Tom Hardy handled this very idiotic question.

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NBC Has Released Promo Stills From The ‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Premiere Episode, ‘Antipasto’

We are just 1 week away from the season 3 premiere of Hannibal on NBC and today we get to see a bunch of promo stills from the season 3 premiere episode titled Antipasto. As you may recall, we saw a video featurette earlier this week that revealed that the Red Dragon character will be introduced in the forthcoming season but my guess is that his storyline will come later in the season. The stills presented in this gallery give us our first look at the premiere ep that will bring us all back to the beautifully dark world of Hannibal. 1 week away, folks. AHHH!!!

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Watch: BATMAN Himself Shows Up On The Set Of ‘Suicide Squad’

Bat Attack

Earlier this week we saw fan-shot video of the Batmobile speeding along the streets of Toronto, Ontario on the set of the upcoming superhero movie Suicide Squad, seemingly suggesting that the caped crusader would be appearing in the film in some capacity. Today we get to see new fan-shot video from the set of Suicide Squad that shows, very clearly, that Batman will, indeed, appear in the movie. The embed above shows a stuntman wearing the new Batman costume as he rides atop the Joker‘s bright fuchsia sports car as it speeds through the city. It’s a pretty neat thing to see, I have to admit. I can only imagine how cool it must’ve been for the fans who got to see this movie scene play out right in front of them. So now that we know that Batman will be appearing in Suicide Squad, I wonder if we’ll be seeing any official promo photos of Batman and The Joker facing off. HMMM.

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Tracy Morgan Has Reached A Settlement With Walmart Over That Deadly Car Accident Last Year

It was almost a year ago that comedian Tracy Morgan was seriously injured in a car accident that involved 6 cars, including a Walmart truck which left fellow comedian James McNair dead. As you may recall, the recovery process for Morgan was slow-going and scary at times. Morgan immediately sued Walmart for damages and the company responded by trying to place the blame for the accident on Tracy — even tho he was a passenger in one of the 6 vehicles that was involved in the accident. Today we learn that both sides have reached a settlement that has put an end to the lawsuit. Both Tracy Morgan and Walmart have released statements regarding the settlement that make clear that both sides are very happy with the outcome. More »

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Watch: Hilary Duff Releases A Tinder-less Music Video For ‘Sparks’

"Skin to Skin we get it on"

Thank you sweet baby Jebus for hearing our prayers!! Hilary Duff has *just* released a new version of her music video for her new single Sparks that features NO advertisement for the Tinder dating app that she is really enamored of lately. As you may recall, Hilary released a music video for Sparks earlier this month that was jam-packed with way too many Tinder references, essentially turning the music video into a commercial for the dating app. The new version, embedded above, is all Hilary, all Sparks, NO Tinder … just as the gods intended. I am still obsessed with this song and I am really in love with this video so … please enjoy.

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