Sarah Palin Once Again Challenges Louis C.K. To Go Ice Fishing With Her

Lous CK and Sarah Palin

The woman won’t give up! Remember that time that Louis C.K. drunkenly tweeted at  Sarah Palin and called her a “fucking jack-off-cunt-face jazzy wondergirl?” First off, I don’t really know what that means which makes it all the more amusing. Secondly, Louis apologized. Sarah then reached out a hand and invited Louis to go ice fishing. Well that clearly hasn’t happened yet. More »

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Jared Fogle
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  • Meg Ryan is 54, Adam Driver is 32, Jodie Foster is 53, Allison Janney is 56, Calvin Klein is 73, Tyga is 26, Ted Turner is 77, Dick Cavett is 79 and Larry King is 82. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Watch: Nicki Minaj Recites A Maya Angelou Poem For A&E’s ‘Shining A Light’ Special

Nicki Minaj

Shining A Light: A Concert For Progress On Race In America is the name of A&E’s concert special, which airs on November 20th, in hopes to spark dialogues to create change. Lots of awesome musicians will be in attendance, including Pharrell, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Bruce Springsteen, the amazing Jill Scott, and more. We got to see a special peek of the concert’s taping, where Nicki Minaj recited the powerful poem by Maya Angelou, entitled “Still I Rise.” I’m not gonna lie, I was having trouble keeping the tears at bay while watching this. More »

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So Cute! Kelly Clarkson Shares Sweet Moment With Daughter In New Music Video


The new Kelly Clarkson music video “Piece By Piece” is mostly images of women – mothers, daughters, pregnant women – looking thoughtful and sometimes sad. But the ending is the real kicker, when Clarkson holds her precious toddler daughter River Rose and the little girl gives Mama a kiss. It just melts your heart! Just watch above. Kelly says the soulful song is for her father and her husband, Brandon Blackstock. Kelly told CBS’ Gayle King earlier this week, “My husband came into my life and he was the complete opposite of how my father was. He was present. He wins for being around.” The singer also recently announced — while on stage, no less — that she is pregnant with her second child, a boy. Congrats, Kelly!



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‘Harry Potter’ Flashback? Daniel Radcliffe Attempts Magic In ‘Now You See Me 2′ Trailer

I didn’t realize the cute heist movie Now You See Me about a group of illusionists who orchestrate a Robin Hood-like takedown of a big bad banks did well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel, but here we are. And look who’s joining in on the fun, the boy wizard himself, Daniel Radcliffe – except this time I don’t think he’s very good at magic or particularly interested in being the good guy. Now You See Me 2 reunites Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco, with newcomer Lizzy Caplan, as our Four Horseman who set out to expose the unethical practices of tech magnate Walter Mabry (Radcliffe).

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Watch: Jennifer Lawrence & Jimmy Fallon And Their Most Perfectly Awkward ‘Dance’ Party

"Come dance with us!"

It’s time for Jennifer Lawrence to put aside the heavy dramas and do a balls-out comedy. Period. Preferably one with her new BFF Amy Schumer, but it doesn’t matter; this girl is funny. She proved it again last night on The Tonight Show when she joined host Jimmy Fallon in a skit, wearing a bad wig, weird futuristic duds and asked people to “Come Dance With Us!” In an infomercial “promoting a series of instructional dance videos,” Des (Fallon) and Dash (Jen Law) teach people dances like “Check the Door,” “Row the Boat, Check the Pulse,” “Slurp the Soup,” “Kick Waterfall,” “That Doesn’t Sound Anything Like Him,” and “Brow Brow Chicken Cow.” My personal favorite is “Bury the Nut.” Check out the hilarity above!

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Carly Simon Sort Of, Kind Of (And Finally!) Reveals Who She’s Singing About In ‘You’re So Vain’

At long last, Carly Simon fessed up to at least one person she was singing about in her hit 1972 tune “You’re So Vain.” You know, the song in which she describes someone who literally thinks the world revolves around them. Simon has hinted in the past it’s about three people, and there have been rumors it could be about Simon’s ex-husband, James Taylor, or former flames Mick Jagger and Cat Stevens – and that could still be true. But there is one individual Carly will definitively name: Warren Beatty.

More »

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‘Bastard Executioner’ Creator Announces Show’s Cancellation In An Unusual Way

Sometimes you have to face facts. If it’s not working, then it’s time to cut it loose. That’s what creator Kurt Sutter has had to do with his fledgling new FX series The Bastard Executioner after just one season – but he did it his way. Bucking the usual press announcement about a show’s cancellation, Sutter instead placed an ad in various Hollywood trade publications and publicly acknowledged audiences were just not that into his show about a warrior trying to find peace in 14th Century Wales.

More »

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Les News, 111815

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  • Owen Wilson is 47, Chloe Sevigny is 41, Nasim Pedrad is 34, Kim Wilde is 55, Mike Epps is 45, Oscar Nunez is 57, Duncan Sheik is 46, Linda Evans is 73 and Mickey Mouse is 87. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.

Guys, There’s A ‘Mean Girls’ Mobile Game, That’s So Fetch!

Mean Girls

Now you can go back to high school and  compete with Regina George, too! Kirsten Smith, the writer of Legally Blonde and Ten Things I Hate About You, wrote the Pocket Gems’ Mean Girls mobile game which is now available in the Episodes app on Google Play and the iOS App Store. Players get to create their own “new girl” character that transfers in to North Shore High, and competes for a spot at a top college against Regina George. Wait, so we’re not competing for popularity points?  More »

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